Quick summary: The Art and Business of Online Writing.

The art and business of online writing

The Art and Business of Online Writing Book summary in 3 sentences. Writing online gives you a voice: Your writing style today won’t be the same tomorrow if you begin to pay attention to data. “The Broader You Are, the More Confusing You Are” is the converse rule of “Specificity is the Secret.” You will … Read more

Short summary: How to be a Bawse. (2024)

How to be a bawse

How to be a Bawse Book summary in 3 sentences. Being selectively reclusive could make you a queen. Don’t let your feelings stand in the way of completing tasks and seizing the chance to learn. The only way you can devote so much time and effort to your career is if you enjoy what you … Read more

Summary of 30 days: Change your Habits change your life.

30 Days Change Your Habits Change Your Life

30 days: Change your Habits change your life Book summary in 3 sentences. Being disciplined means carrying out your necessary tasks even when you’re not in the mood to perform them. YOU are the only one who bears responsibility for your life! not the weather or the economy, not your spouse, not your parents, not … Read more

How these 5 things will change the way you look at life.

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Do you feel low, do you think you have stuck, or are you troubled by your overthinking, then this post is just for you. Want to feel good then go ahead. All small steps matter. Today I am going to tell you about 5 such things about life, after reading this your way of thinking … Read more

Why these 7 habits are most important for your successful life.

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In today’s world, everyone wants to go ahead and learn something new, and improve themselves but they don’t know how to improve, So today, I will tell you 7 habits of businessmen that if you practice in your life, then you will go ahead and see improvement in yourself. Here are seven habits of business … Read more