Summary of 30 days: Change your Habits change your life.

30 days: Change your Habits change your life Book summary in 3 sentences.

Being disciplined means carrying out your necessary tasks even when you’re not in the mood to perform them.

YOU are the only one who bears responsibility for your life! not the weather or the economy, not your spouse, not your parents, not your friends, nor your clients, not your boss. YOU!


The five key takeaways from 30 days: Change your Habits change your life.

What matters is the mindset you choose, not the events that occur in your life. You also get to choose the mindset you want to have!

Avoid becoming stuck in doubtful thinking. Every moment they arise, replace them with uplifting ideas like “everything is going to be all right.”

Even under the toughest circumstances, try to see the bright side of life. Every negative thing has a positive side that is buried, even though it occasionally takes some time to find.

Within the next three months, commit to ten new, healthy daily routines. Since I don’t want you to feel overburdened, how about implementing three new habits every month?

“Putting a deadline on a dream turns it into a goal.”

Top 10 lessons from 30 days: Change your Habits change your life book.

You need to constantly feel a little uncomfortable if you want to grow personally. Make it a practice to complete tasks that people find unpleasant.

People don’t even know what they want, which is the main reason they don’t receive what they want.

Asking yourself questions like, “Is what I’m doing right now moving me closer to my goals?” will help you prioritize your actions for the day and motivate you to take action when you see your written goals every day.

Hearing 100 “No’s” a day is the aim of the most effective salespeople, as they are aware that for every 100 “No’s,” there will also be some “Yes’s.” It is a game of numbers!

Give up doing or being around things that make you feel low on energy, such as tabloid newspapers, negativity, sarcasm, alcohol, drugs, sweets, nicotine, bad eating habits, and lack of exercise.

Establish clear standards on your availability and inaccessibility, and avoid allowing others to have control of your time. The funny thing is that you will have more time if you value it more because other people will cherish it too.

Take action on your fears by making the call you’re frightened to make, sending the email you’re afraid to send, or asking the person you’re afraid to ask and seeing what happens.

The thirty minutes right before bed and right after you get up make up the most significant hour of the day.

Appreciate that you’ve improved from the previous week! Make sure to celebrate even the little things in life!

As if every day were your last, embrace every moment! Begin by finding joy right now. Even if you’re not feeling particularly cheerful, try to smile as much as you can because it sends good signals to your brain.

Action steps from 30 days: Change your Habits change your life.

Which areas do you now lack self-control in? Be truthful.

What advantages might you experience from exercising greater self-control?

What will be the first action you take to accomplish your objective?

Put your action plan in writing, step-by-step. Set deadlines for yourself.

How will you be able to tell when the aim of developing greater self-control is…………..?

Consider the following concerns for yourself: Who are you currently blaming for your circumstances in life? (Your spouse? Your superior? Your folks? Your buddies?)

What would happen if you gave up blaming other people for your life’s events?

What would happen if you decided not to let the circumstances victimize you?

What would happen if you decided to make a change in your life and stopped enduring suffering?

What would you alter?

How might one begin?

How would you begin?

Make a list of the five things you can do this coming week to start driving your life in a different direction and taking control of it.

Self-reflection questions to consider:

What choices could you make right now to initiate change?

Will you opt for greater adaptability? More favorable? More wholesome? More content?

List the minimum of three improvements you wish to make today: 1,2,3.

Attempt to think positively for 48 hours. From the very beginning, block them out and replace them with loving, peaceful, and compassionate ideas. Remain persistent, even if it looks hard at first. It becomes simpler. After that, give it a go for five days, and then a week. What aspects of your life have altered since you began adopting a positive outlook?

In ten years, how do you imagine your life to look? There are no restrictions! Aim high!

What must you have accomplished in the last five years to get towards your objective ten years from now?

What must you accomplish in a year to move towards your five-year goal?

To move towards your one-year goal, what must you have accomplished in the last three months?

What actions can you take right now to accomplish your three-month goal?

List down five tasks that you will begin right away!

List all the things you’re going to give up on!

Create a list of “shoulds” and either cross them out or reword them to say “I decide to” or “I choose to.”

What is preventing you from leading the kind of life you desire?

What justifications do you have for remaining where you are?

Should you follow your fear, what could be the worst outcome?

Thank you for your time.

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