Short summary: How to be a Bawse. (2024)

How to be a Bawse Book summary in 3 sentences.

Being selectively reclusive could make you a queen.

Don’t let your feelings stand in the way of completing tasks and seizing the chance to learn.

The only way you can devote so much time and effort to your career is if you enjoy what you do.

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The five key takeaways from How to be a Bawse.

Everything that frightens or disturbs you doesn’t have to be done. Rather, motivate yourself to take actions that will advance the goal you have set.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but there are moments when productivity must take priority over pride.

It takes total honesty to understand who you are and why you are the way you are.

When you’re ill, you go to bed and give yourself time to recover. If you see that your hustle is not feeling good, give it some motivation and follow along.

Your kindness will be visible to others, so you won’t need to tell them that you’re nice.

Top 10 lessons from How to be a Bawse book.

Avoid deluding yourself into thinking that you have to tell everyone everything. You get to choose what information to provide and when.

The prize isn’t always the end aim. The stepping stones, or the bronze and silver medals that get you closer to the gold, can also serve as the goal to achieve.

Keep in mind that discomfort and anxiety are merely roadblocks on the route to achievement. Make them not come to an end.

It is sometimes necessary to suppress distracting emotions to complete tasks.

Everyone will continue to suffer from heartache since it will never go away. Since you will always experience pain in life, it is ineffective to ignore the lessons that can be learned from it because you are too overcome by emotion. Use your wounds as body armor in future battles.

Acknowledging our errors, drawing lessons from them, and attempting to avoid them in the future are the aims.

As with going to a class, accepting responsibility for your mistakes is the only way you can grow from them. You’re wasting your tuition and missing class if you can’t own up to your mistakes.

Desire to ace your classes rather than just pass them. Make every effort to complete the task if you are going to do it.

You have to first and foremost learn to love who you are. To fully love others, one must first learn to love themselves. If you don’t love yourself, you won’t put forth a lot of effort for yourself. If you don’t like the person who inspired your ambitions, you won’t achieve them. Hug yourself and mean it if you want to be a Bawse.

A BAWSE IS Aware that you have to show people who you are and continue to show them who you are if you want to be taken seriously.

Action steps from How to be a Bawse.

What are three tasks that you know you must complete to succeed but that you find utterly terrifying?

Why do you put in so much effort at work? Alternatively, why don’t you put much effort into your work? Look closely and identify your layers.

List the self-control exercises that you find most effective. Begin with a twenty-four-hour challenge and progress further.

Make a list of your top five qualities. And be real, not about your legs, hair, or eyes! Be honest with yourself. 

List your achievements and indicate the steps you took to get there.

You ought to put in 110 percent of your effort and energy at all times. However, you also want to be in a situation where it is difficult for you to be affected. You can be the head of a powerful empire and yet think like a desperate hustler.

So, if you’re worried about a single missed opportunity or a single setback, your foundation may be the true issue.

Construct Your Empire: Identify all the pillars that support your success and prevent you from being easily made or broken.

Hydrate: Get up right away and grab a glass of water if you have trouble drinking. Turn the page after you’ve finished the glass. Start the positive habit now!

Apply It: Write down the two things that caused you stress this week and create strategies to get rid of them.

Which three things in life are most important to you? (REMEMBER: There are no right or wrong. BE HONEST NOW.)

Get Your Manifesto Going: Give an example of three core values or characteristics that characterize the kind of person you wish to be.

Consider an idea you firmly believe in and would like to spread awareness of. Give three efficient ways to accomplish this without criticizing anyone.

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