How to be a Bawse: Book Summary

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A Bawse is a person who does well in both social and professional settings. A Bawse is self-assured, attracts attention, takes hurts well, speaks well, and works tirelessly. This book summary will empower you to face your fears head-on and equip you with the skills you need to not just survive but thrive in life.

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Favorite quote:

“Think of discomfort as currency- it’s the price you pay to learn some pretty crucial things.”

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This book is broken up into four parts, each of which is further divided into numerous chapters (total 54). I have covered the most important chapters from each part.

Part 1: Master your mind.

Chapter 1: Conquer your thoughts

In this chapter, the author suggests touching your nose. Have you done so? If not, do it now.

Take a look at you! You are one amazing piece of machinery. Recognize what you just did, please? When you were presented with an idea and chose to act upon it, your arm moved and touched your amazing nose because your brain used neurotransmitters to send impulses through neurons, throughout your body, and into your arm.

Why did the author choose to do this? mainly to demonstrate to you that YOU, not your mind, are in charge of your thoughts.

Imagine giving your mind the same kind of guidance to help you avoid being fearful, envious, or negative.

It also entails knowing why you feel the way you do, what motivates you to act in particular ways, what triggers particular reactions, and what situations cause you to make bad choices.

Chapter 2: Be secretive

The author quotes her mother as saying, “The more information people have about you, the weaker you become.”

There is a line that separates being overly vulnerable from truly trusting others.

In relationships, it’s okay and even important to feel a little vulnerable from time to time, but don’t think that everyone should know everything about you. Disclosing some of your abilities and faults is OK as long as you have self-awareness.

You have to imagine yourself as a strong fort. You ought to think about your body, mind, and spirit that way. You ought to be aware of all the doors and alleys leading to your inner stronghold, which are your vulnerabilities, fears, and so forth.

You are welcome to host balls, banquets, or any other type of elegant gathering in your fort. However, the more you expose to others about your fort and the locations of the covered passageways, the weaker your fort gets and the simpler it is for someone to attack you.

Chapter 3: Exercise self-control.

One of the most essential muscles a Bawse can possess is self-control. Self-control is a muscle in your body that needs to be worked if you want it to get stronger.

These three activities will assist you in developing self-control.

SET YOUR OWN GOALS: There are various methods you can set yourself up to do tasks if you have targets that you set for yourself. Making a schedule and trying to finish a task by a specific time is one method.

Establishing goals necessitates productive work. Reminding oneself that you’ve to complete a task by a specific date or after a certain amount of work unleashes the flames behind your hustle.

REWARD YOURSELF: It’s crucial to treat yourself when you reach a goal that you’ve set for yourself.

Make sure your awards are appropriate and well-deserved. It’s not a good idea to finish two emails and then give in to a four-hour relaxation.

The incentive function of the reward system is dependent upon your non-cheating behavior.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF: You progressively raise the weight of the dumbbell or the number of reps when you wish to strengthen a particular muscle. A similar idea can be used for self-control exercises.

For instance, the author used to refrain from swearing all the time. This helped her to be better at keeping secrets, gossiping, and acting carelessly during interviews. Anything may be used to push yourself.

  • Don’t swear for twenty-four hours if you have an offensive mouth. Reset your time if you don’t succeed.
  • If you eat a lot of meat, try becoming vegetarian for two days. Reset your time if you don’t succeed.
  • Avoid biting your nails for a day if you nibble on your fingers. Reset your time if you don’t succeed.

Part 2: Hustle harder

Chapter 4: let go of FOMO.

FOMO is similar to that unpleasant computer update that you ignore just to have it returned the following evening in an attempt to reclaim your time. Every Bawse must learn how to pass this ongoing test.

How? When hustle succeeds over FOMO on the battlefield, teach your brain to focus on the benefits you will experience.

The author suggests Therefore, ask yourself this question the next time you have FOMO (and I assure you that there will be a next time): “What will my future self thank me for doing today?”

Chapter 5: Schedule inspiration.

Your hustle needs inspiration to be sustained.

Regardless of how much you enjoy doing something or how joyful it makes you, as humans, we all have periods of laziness.

A Bawse understands that lacking drive is neither a sign of failure nor an insatiable weakness. A Bawse confronts and anticipates it.

When you’re ill, you go to bed and give yourself time to recover. If you see that your hustle is not feeling good, give it some motivation and follow after.

Chapter 6: Have visions.

WHAT IF you could ask Santa for anything you wanted in life, and every day was Christmas?

Every day you can close your eyes and imagine all the things

you want.

A Bawse knows what they want out of life, not just what they want for Christmas. They get visions.

Visions come in two varieties: visualization and vision boards.

Making a vision board helps you identify your goals. People know they must work hard, therefore they do, but occasionally they have doubts about their true goals.

Making a vision board builds self-awareness.

Your vision board picture of a CEO’s desk may hold the key to explaining why you enjoy working late hours at the workplace despite your fiancé’s dislike for it. Alternatively, it might be the image of an abundance of cash.

Let’s now discuss visualization:

Visualizing yourself in a situation that you hope will come to pass eventually is known as long-term visualization. All you know is that you want it to happen, but you’re not exactly sure when or how it will. Stated differently, you envision what it would be like to achieve every goal listed on your vision board.

Part 3: Make heads turn

Chapter 7: You are not a parking ticket.

You are exceptional because you are a singular person with a unique set of qualities that no one else in the world possesses.

and you are unique because of that. However, if you do nothing with your special qualities, that uniqueness vanishes.

Some of them have grown up believing that success should come to them naturally, rather than believing that they must work hard to get it.

First of all, social media has made it simple to feel unique for no obvious reason.

These days, getting a lot of likes on an Instagram photo of you doing out at the gym feels more validated than the real advantages of working out.

A Bawse understands that they should only feel validated when they achieve their aims or make a positive contribution to society.

Both the best and worst reviews can be harmful in different ways.

Regarding that, one of the greatest risks of being readily validated is that it poses an important danger to one’s desire and goals. If you have ten goals on your list and you get celebrations after completing three of them, it can make you question the significance of the remaining seven goals.

Or, you know what?

To truly love yourself, you must first celebrate who you are.

However, be careful of receiving validation unnecessarily or too frequently; hustlers do not flourish in an overly comfortable atmosphere.

Chapter 8: Be the dumbest.

One of the best ways to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and keep learning and developing is to surround yourself with individuals who are more mindful and experienced than you are.

If you can’t learn from the smarter people around you, what use would it be? The fear of “looking stupid” or “sounding stupid” seems to be universal.

Which is more foolish, the one acting like they know everything or the one who doesn’t and still asks questions?

Ultimately, learning new things is impossible if you’re the one giving the knowledge all the time. You must surround yourself with individuals that push you, intimidate you, and transmit new knowledge. Being a Bawse is more about putting oneself in the best circumstances than it is about always being the greatest.

Chapter 9: Your ex wasn’t right for you.

The author explains that you should not be with someone if they have left your life on the basis of their own choice.

Although you should be upset about losing someone and suffering hurt, you shouldn’t be upset because you think that person was the right one for you.

Thus, avoid tripping. You may have a little area of your heart labeled “Memories LOL” dedicated to your ex. You may miss that individual but don’t allow them to dictate the nature of your partnership.

You shouldn’t let your past partner convince you that they are the only person for you. With them, you experienced one kind of love, but there are countless more kinds out there eager to outshine yours.

Part 4: Be a unicorn

Chapter 10: You are a chameleon

The fact remains that your environment has an impact on your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Have you ever had optimism among negatives in a room full of them? Have you ever completed a lot of work in a room full of unproductive people?

Ever noticed a Happy Meal in a depressing place? Most likely not. As a human, you are a byproduct of your surroundings. What does that mean, then? That implies you have to create an atmosphere that contributes to Bawses’ success.

Chapter 11: Dot talk crap

You are what you eat, as the saying goes. What are you feeding your brain, then, when you talk negatively about people?

A Bawse is aware of the brain’s wonderful gift and is unwilling to harm it by giving it unhealthy food. How would you go about strengthening a muscle? You put effort into it. The brain is not any different.

But sometimes, you “just can’t help it,” don’t you think? Everyone has an innate desire to criticize others they find offensive, primarily because it makes them feel better in some unusual way.

It takes a lot of work to train your brain to think differently, so try to avoid adding negativity to your interactions at first, rather than trying to transform from gossip queen to Einstein.

This is a challenge for you: bite your tongue, slow down, and mentally count to ten the next time you’re tempted to say something hurtful about someone. Act as though this bad thought is your private secret, one that you will keep to yourself and will never be revealed to the outside world.

Are you going to let drama and gossip eat up your mental space? You shouldn’t as your mind is deserving of better. Better is due to evolution.

Chapter 12: You’re not the biggest Bawse.

It’s critical to understand that you’re never really at your peak, even once you achieve it. You can always be thrown off the ladder by a higher power at any point.

You’ll start to feel untouchable, but having faith in a higher force will keep your ego in check.

Realizing that everything you possess is a result of something greater than yourself makes you aware that anything could vanish at any time. This makes you more grateful for what you have right now.

Thank you for your time.

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