Ask and It Is Given: Book Summary

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Why do you have to read “Ask and It Is Given” book summary?

Reasons to read “Ask and It Is Given”:

1. Tap into your power to make things happen: This book shows you how to ask for what you want and actually get it. By understanding how to connect with the positive energy inside you, you can make your dreams come true and attract good things into your life.

2. Get practical advice for changing your life: “Ask and It Is Given” gives you easy-to-follow tips for making big changes in your life right away. Whether you want better relationships, health, or money, this book tells you exactly what to do to make it happen.

Benefits of reading “Ask and It Is Given”:

1. Reach your full potential: With the help of this book, you can unlock all the amazing things you’re capable of. You’ll learn how to bring more happiness and success into your life by focusing on the positive and making things happen.

2. Feel happier and more satisfied: By following the advice in this book, you’ll start feeling more joyful and content. You’ll discover how to bring more peace and happiness into your life, no matter what’s going on around you.

3. Change your life for the better: “Ask and It Is Given” gives you the tools you need to change your life in a big way. By using the simple techniques in the book, you’ll see real improvements in your relationships, health, and overall happiness.

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“The only way to consciously deactivate a thought is to activate another. In other words, the only way to deliberately withdraw your attention from one thought is to give your attention to another.”

PART I Things That We Know, That You May Have Forgotten, Which Are important for you to remember

Chapter 1: The Power of Feeling Good Now

Our vibes attract similar vibes, forming our non-physical communities. Everyone has a non-physical counterpart, but we often get caught up in the physical world, making it hard to connect with our true source. Yet, when we focus on feeling good now, we unlock the power to achieve anything we want, whether it’s health, wealth, or any other desire.

You Only Hear What You Are Ready to Hear

We’re talking to you in different ways, but you’ll only get what makes sense to you now. This book might mean different things to different people, but each time you read it, you’ll learn something new. It helps us understand our connection to something bigger and what we really are.

Chapter 2: We Are Keeping Our Promise to You— We Are Reminding You of Who You Are

Do you know what you want? Do you realize that you create your own experiences? Are you enjoying the process of wanting something new? If you said yes and feel great about where you are, then you get it. But if you’re like most people, feeling unhappy because your desires aren’t fulfilled, there’s some important stuff we want to share. If you want more money but always feel short, or if your job and relationships aren’t satisfying, don’t worry. There are simple things we can explain to help you out.

There Is Nothing That You Cannot Be, Do, or Have

The author wants you to remember that there’s nothing you can’t achieve. The journey from where you are to where you want to be holds immense joy, even if you don’t see it yet.

Chapter 3: You Do Create Your Own Reality

The Basis of Your Life Is Absolute Freedom

Deep down, you’ve always known that you shape your own reality. When others try to control your path, it creates inner conflict because you innately understand your power to create. Despite societal influences, you still hold the truth: you are the architect of your life, with absolute freedom to design it as you wish.

You Are Eternal Beings in Physical Form

Sometimes you feel really yourself, and other times you don’t. This book is here to remind you that you can always let your true self shine. When you connect with who you truly are, life feels amazing. By choosing to think positively, you stay connected to the good things in life.

Absolute Well-Being Is the Basis of Your Universe

The universe is all about feeling good. It’s everywhere and it’s natural. Just like you breathe air, you can let joy flow into your life effortlessly. You’re always moving forward, but your main goal isn’t just to move forward—it’s to feel incredibly happy.

Chapter 4: How Can I Get There from Here?

The reason you haven’t gotten what you want is because your thoughts aren’t matching up with your desires. It’s that simple. Now, all you have to do is let go of those resistant thoughts bit by bit. As you start feeling more relieved, it means you’re letting go of resistance. It’s like releasing tension and frustration and feeling lighter instead.

You Are a Physical Extension of Source Energy

You and Source are one and the same; there’s no separation. When we think of you, we think of Source, and vice versa. Source never thinks of anything that would separate from you, and you can’t either. However, your thoughts can sometimes create a distance in vibration that disrupts your connection with the Source, but it’s not total separation.

The Science of Deliberate Creation

You have the power to create your own reality, whether you realize it or not. Sometimes, you create things without even trying, just by your thoughts. But when you’re aware of your thoughts and intentionally focus on them, you become the deliberate creator of your reality, which is what you wanted when you came into this life. Your desires and beliefs are like requests to the universe, and you don’t always have to say them out loud. Just feeling them in your heart is enough to start attracting what you want.

Chapter 5: This Simple Basis of Understanding Makes It All Fit Together

As you start to grasp the foundation of your existence, and you tune into the feeling of this universal energy that underlies everything, you’ll gain insight into your own life and the lives of others.

A Consistent Formula Gives You Consistent Results

It’s like learning the ABCs of math and then using those basics to understand how things work. With this understanding, you’ll confidently predict what might happen next and make sense of what’s already occurred. You won’t feel helpless against bad things happening; instead, you’ll realize you can shape your own life. It’s like discovering you have a magic wand to make your dreams come true, and everything starts falling into place to make it happen.

You Are a Vibrational Being in a Vibrational Environment

You can tell if you’re really tapping into that Source of Energy or not just by how you feel. If you’re feeling great, then you’re tuned into that connection. But if you’re not feeling so good, then you might be blocking that connection.

Chapter 6: The Law of Attraction, the Most Powerful Law in the Universe

Think of every thought like a little signal you send out into the universe. And here’s the kicker: those signals attract similar signals back to you. It’s like a big cosmic magnet pulling together matching thoughts. That’s what we call the Law of Attraction—it’s like the universe’s way of making sure like attracts like.

How Can I Know What I Am Attracting?

Here’s the secret to getting what you want: you’ve got to vibe with it. That means feeling as if you already have it, imagining it’s already yours, and enjoying that feeling. When you focus on those thoughts and feelings, you start aligning yourself with what you desire, and that’s when it starts coming your way. Your emotions are like your personal GPS—they’ll guide you toward what you want if you pay attention to them.

You Get What You Think About, Whether You Want It or Not

When you focus on something, your vibe starts matching it. The more you think about it, the more your vibe aligns with it. And when your vibe matches something, more of that thing gets attracted to you. It’s like tuning into a radio station—if you keep listening to a certain frequency, you’ll hear more of that kind of music. But you can always change the station by offering a different vibe.

How Big Are Your Vibrational Differences?

If you often feel jealous of your neighbor’s good fortune, it’s harder for your desire for improved finances to come true. That’s because the vibe of jealousy is different from the vibe of your desire, making it tough for them to match up.

You Are a Summoner of Vibrational Energy

Once you understand the Universal Laws and why things work the way they do, everything becomes clear. Doubt and fear are replaced by confidence and understanding. Uncertainty fades, replaced by certainty, and joy becomes the foundation of your experience.

Rediscover the Art of Allowing Your Natural Well-Being

The Art of Allowing means no longer resisting the natural Well-Being that you deserve. It’s about embracing the abundance that is your birthright, your essence, and your connection to the Source.

Chapter 7: You Are Standing on the Leading Edge of Thought

Without Asking, You Will Receive No Answer

In times of intense hardship or trauma, some people are asking for help more intensely than usual. Despite not immediately benefiting from their requests due to their current state, future generations or those who are not currently struggling may receive the benefits of these intensified requests.

Open the Floodgates and Let Your Well-Being Flow In

Your ability to feel worthy of the powerful Stream of Well-Being depends on what’s happening in your life. Sometimes you feel truly blessed, and other times not so much. We hope that as you read this book, you’ll realize that feeling blessed and expecting good things shows your level of allowing while feeling less blessed or expecting less shows your resistance.

You Are in the Perfect Position to Get There from Here

You can start feeling good and connected to good things in your life right now, no matter what’s happening around you.

It’s like when you’re driving somewhere – you know where you’re starting from and where you’re going, and you accept that it takes time to get there. Even if the journey feels long or tiring, you don’t give up halfway. You keep moving forward, knowing what it takes to reach your destination. Similarly, you can understand and navigate your journey to where you want to be in life, even if it seems tough at times.

Chapter 8: You Are a Vibrational Transmitter and Receiver

When people interact with you, they see and hear you with their senses, but there’s more to it than that. You’re also sending out a vibe, like a constant message to the world. It’s like you’re always broadcasting a signal, even if it’s not something you can see or hear.

You Are an Eternal Personality, Focusing on the Now

Your emotions act as your internal GPS. How you feel tells you if you’re on track with your true self and your goals, whether they’re the ones you set before you were born or the ones you have now.

Your Powerful Beliefs Were Once Gentle Thoughts

Every thought you’ve ever had is still out there, waiting to be activated. When you focus on a thought, you bring its vibration to life within you. But once you stop thinking about it, the thought goes back to sleep. To stop thinking about one thing, you need to start thinking about something else.

Your Attention to It Invites It In

Every thought you focus on grows in your mind’s mix. Whether it’s something you desire or something you don’t, giving it your attention welcomes it into your experience. Your focus acts like an open door, inviting thoughts in, regardless of whether you want them or not.

Chapter 9: The Hidden Value Behind Your Emotional Reactions

Your senses—sight, hearing, smell, touch—help you interpret the world around you.

But they’re not the only ones at work. Your emotions also play a crucial role. Just like your eyes see and your ears hear your emotions sense vibrations. When you approach a hot stove, it’s not your eyes or ears that warn you—it’s the sensors in your skin. Similarly, your emotions act as translators of vibrations, helping you understand and react to the experiences you encounter.

Emotions Are Indicators of Your Point of Attraction

Your emotions are like a compass, guiding you through life.

They tell you how aligned you are with your true self, your Source. When you’re tuned in to your emotions, you’re tuned in to your vibrations—what you’re putting out into the universe. Understanding this connection gives you the power to shape your experiences. That’s why we call your emotions your Emotional Guidance System—they’re your direct line to understanding your relationship with your Source.

Use Your Emotions to Feel Your Way Back to Well-Being

When you’re aligned with your true self, your body feels light and joyful. But when you’re not aligned, you feel it physically—like a heaviness or unease.

Just as sculptors shape clay into art, you shape energy with your thoughts. Whether you’re speaking, writing, listening, or even just remembering or imagining, your focus directs the energy. With practice, you can learn to mold this energy just like a sculptor molds clay. And just like sculptors rely on their sense of touch to guide them, you’ll use your emotions to guide you toward well-being.

Chapter 10 The Three Steps to Whatever You Want to Be, Do, or Have

The Creative Process boils down to three simple steps:

1. **Step 1 – You Ask:** This happens naturally as you encounter different experiences in life, leading to desires or requests, whether they’re clear or subtle.

2. **Step 2 – The Universe Answers:** Once you ask, the universe, or the non-physical, immediately understands and responds to your requests, without exception.

3. **Step 3 – You Allow It In:** This step is about aligning your own vibration with what you’ve asked for. It’s like tuning a radio to the right frequency to hear your desired station.

This is where the Art of Allowing comes in—making sure you’re open and receptive to what you’ve asked for. If you’re not in the right receiving mode, even though your requests are answered, it may feel like they’re not fulfilled because your vibrations aren’t in sync.

Your Attention Must Be on It, Not on the Lack of It

Sometimes, you might not realize your wishes have come true because there’s a delay between asking for something and letting it happen.

For example, if you want a new car because your old one is breaking down, you might keep thinking about the problems with your current car instead of focusing on the new one you desire. By doing this, you’re blocking the new car from coming into your life.

Now You Hold the Key to Creating Your Every Desire

Sickness doesn’t come from an external source, just like poverty doesn’t. Your thoughts can either block or allow the natural flow of wellness and abundance in your life.

Well-being is always trying to reach you, and if you don’t have thoughts that slow it down, you’ll experience it in all aspects of your life. No matter where you are right now, you can focus on feeling better and aligning your thoughts with well-being.

Chapter 11: With Practice, You Will Become a Joyous, Deliberate Creator

As you become more aware of your feelings, you’ll improve at directing the powerful energy of creation within you. With practice, you’ll gain better control over this creative energy and become a joyful creator.

When focusing this energy, consider two things: how strongly and quickly you’ve been wanting something, and how much you’re allowing it to manifest.

If you’ve desired something for a long time and have been specific about it, your summoning power is strong. But if you’re still not seeing it happen, negative emotions might arise because you’re not in alignment with that desire’s energy.

When Your Practiced Thought Becomes a Dominant Thought

When you keep thinking about something, it becomes a dominant thought. This means it’s on your mind a lot, and as a result, things related to it start showing up in your life.

How to Effectively Become a Deliberate Creator

Accept that well-being is always available to you. When you let it flow, you feel good and thrive. It’s like practicing a skill; the more you focus on it, the easier it becomes. Eventually, it becomes a belief, and you effortlessly allow well-being to manifest in your life.

Have You Made a Decision to Direct Your Thoughts?

To change what you attract, you need to change how you think and feel. Just like tuning a radio, your vibration needs to match what you want to receive.

It’s easy to tell if you’re on track: feeling good means you’re aligned with your desires while feeling bad means you’re focused on their absence. Your emotions are your guide in this process.

Chapter 12: Your Emotional Set Points Are Within Your Control

Many people think they can’t control what they believe. They see things happening and just accept whatever beliefs pop up inside them.

It Is Impossible to Control Conditions That Others Have Created

When you really don’t like something and try hard to avoid it, you actually make it more likely to happen. It’s like saying, “I told you so,” to yourself because you end up experiencing what you were worried about all along.

“But Whose ‘Truth’ Is the True TRUTH?”

In simpler terms, what you believe to be true is only true because someone paid attention to it. So when you think you should pay attention to something because it’s true, you’re really just following someone else’s lead. Instead, focus on the things you want to believe and make those your truths.

Moods As Indicators of Your Emotional Set-Points

When you keep thinking about something, it becomes easier to keep thinking about it because similar thoughts start popping up more often. This creates a certain mood or attitude, and vibrationally, it’s like you’re settling into a familiar pattern or set point.

Chapter 13: Allow Your Feelings to Be Your Guide

When you deeply desire something and feel good thinking about it, your thoughts are in sync with your desire. At that moment, the energy from your Source flows freely toward what you want without any obstacles.

Learn to Pay Attention to Your Feelings

Strong emotions, whether positive or negative, indicate strong desires. When you feel good, you’re allowing your desires to manifest. Conversely, feeling bad means you’re blocking your desires. Your emotions are clear signs of your vibrational state.

If We Were Standing in Your Physical Shoes

Your role isn’t to force things to happen; the universe handles that. Your task is to figure out what you desire.

Chapter 14 Some Things You Knew Before You Arrived

“Can I Really Count on the Law of Attraction?”

The Law of Attraction is like a mirror reflecting the balance of your thoughts. It doesn’t make exceptions.

Whatever you consistently think about, whether you like it or not, tends to manifest. With practice, you’ll realize that the Law of Attraction is always consistent. It responds to the vibrations you emit.

The confusion arises when people don’t realize they’re emitting vibrations contradictory to their desires, even though they think they want something specific.

“But I Can’t Get to San Diego from Phoenix!”

Think of reaching your goals like traveling from Phoenix to San Diego. You need to keep moving in the right direction to get there. But if you keep changing your mind and going back and forth, you’ll never reach your destination.

Understanding where you are in relation to your goals is key. If you’re struggling financially or in relationships, it’s because you may not realize when you’re heading in the wrong direction.

Just like knowing the route to San Diego, understanding how to reach your goals—whether it’s health, relationships, or money—can help you get there.

Chapter 15: You Are a Perfect Yet Expanding Being, in a Perfect Yet Expanding World, in a Perfect Yet Expanding Universe

When you focus on a desire, energy starts flowing towards it, and the universe grows. And that’s a good thing!

Chapter 16: You Are Co-creating Within a Magnificently Diverse Universe

If you can think or imagine it, the universe has what it takes to bring it to you. It’s like having a fully stocked kitchen with all the ingredients you need. And every part of the universe has both what’s wanted and what’s not wanted. This abundance mindset is what activates the Law of Attraction.

Unwanted Must Be Allowed, for Wanted to Be Received

In this expanding Universe, everything must be allowed. To understand and experience what you desire, you must also understand what you don’t desire. Both need to be present and understood for you to choose and focus effectively.

You Did Not Come to Fix a Broken World

You came into this world to express yourself creatively, just like everyone else. Your goal isn’t to change others but to appreciate how different we all are. Each person adds something unique to our collective experience, making life more interesting and fulfilling for everyone.

You Will Never Get There, So Enjoy Your Journey

If you aim to achieve all your desires once and for all, you’ll find it impossible. The universe keeps expanding, and so do you. Your very nature is to grow and evolve, always seeking more. And that’s where the joy lies—in the endless journey of discovery and fulfillment.

Since Every Request Is Granted, There Is No Competition

Every perspective counts, and every wish is honored in this vast Universe.

There’s an abundance of resources to fulfill every request, so there’s no need for competition.

What’s meant for you will come to you, and you can’t take away from others or be deprived of what’s rightfully yours. When you align with your own energy and desires, you thrive without taking away from anyone else. There’s always plenty to go around.

Chapter 17 Where Are You, and Where Do You Want to Be?

To make progress toward your goals, you need to know where you currently stand and where you want to go. Understanding both your starting point and your desired destination is crucial for making informed choices about how to move forward.

Your Greatest Gift to Give Is Your Happiness

The greatest gift you can offer someone is your own happiness.

When you’re filled with joy, appreciation, or happiness, you’re connected to the pure, positive energy of the universe. This connection benefits anyone you focus on. Others don’t depend on you to make them happy—they have access to the same well-being as you.

Sometimes, people may ask you to behave in a certain way to make them feel better, but relying on others for happiness only brings discomfort and bondage to both parties.

Each Thought Moves You Closer to, or Farther from, San Diego

If you rely on others for guidance, you might lose your way because they don’t fully grasp your desires and the path you’re on. They’ll add their own desires to the mix. Only by paying attention to how you feel can you stay on track toward your goals.

Chapter 18 You Can Gradually Change Your Vibrational Frequency

Reach for the Best-Feeling Thought You Have Access To

If you want to “follow your bliss” but you’re feeling far from happy, you might struggle because the Law of Attraction can’t bridge such a big gap in how you feel. But if you aim to find the best-feeling thought you can, that’s something you can do.

Chapter 19 Only You Can Know How You Feel About You

Your expectations, beliefs, and fears shape what’s coming your way.

But you’re not stuck with your current mindset. You have the power to change your point of attraction by tuning into your emotions. If there are things you don’t want anymore, change your beliefs. If there are things you want but don’t have, change your beliefs too.

Chapter 20 Trying to Hinder Another’s Freedom Always Costs You Your Freedom

When you want something but don’t have it, it’s easy to blame external factors. But the real reason lies within your own thoughts. Once you realize this, you gain control over your experiences. However, if you focus more on the outcomes of your thoughts rather than how they make you feel, it’s easy to lose sight of what you truly desire.

Unwanted Things Cannot Jump into Your Experience Uninvited

Trying to control others won’t free you from fear. True freedom comes from adjusting your own vibration and focus.

If You Are Not Expecting It, You Are Not Allowing It

When you feel strong negative emotions like depression or anger, it means you’re resisting your desires. But when you feel strong positive emotions like passion or love, it means you’re not resisting, and you’re allowing your desires to unfold.

Chapter 21 You Are Only 17 Seconds Away from 68 Seconds to Fulfillment

When you focus on something for just a few seconds, you activate its vibration within you, and the Law of Attraction starts responding.

The longer you focus on it, the easier it gets to keep thinking about it because similar thoughts start coming to you. Within 17 seconds, a matching vibration gets activated, and as you continue to focus, more similar thoughts come your way.

Your Uncontrolled Thoughts Are Not to Be Feared

Once people grasp the Law of Attraction and start looking at their own thoughts, they might worry about what they could attract with their uncontrolled thoughts. But there’s no need to fear.

Your thoughts aren’t like a loaded gun ready to cause instant harm. Even though the Law of Attraction is potent, your natural state is one of well-being.

So, if you notice negative feelings, you have plenty of time to switch to more positive thoughts and steer towards a better outcome.

Chapter 22 The Different Degrees of Your Emotional Guidance Scale

An Example of Consciously Moving Up Your Emotional Guidance Scale

So, something happened that’s making you feel awful. Everything feels bleak, and each thought hurts just as much. You’re stuck in a state of depression.

You might think doing something or distracting yourself will help, but right now, it’s hard to find any uplifting thoughts. However, if you make it your goal to find even a slightly better thought and pay attention to how it feels, you can start climbing up the emotional scale right away.

PART 2: Processes to Help You Achieve What You Now Remember

Process 1: The Rampage of Appreciation

The Rampage of Appreciation is a game where you find things you like and focus on them to feel really good. It works anywhere, anytime.

Just look around and notice what makes you happy, like a friendly smile or a pretty view. By appreciating these things, you attract more good stuff into your life. Remember, you can’t control others, but you can always control how you feel. So, focus on what makes you happy and watch how it brings more joy into your life.

Process #2 The Magical Creation Box

The Magical Creation Box is like a game where you choose what you want in life.

Get a box, write “Whatever is contained in this box—IS!” on it, and add pictures or descriptions of your desires. The more you add, the clearer your desires become to the universe. It’s fun and effective. Just ask, believe, and watch what happens!

Process 3: The Creative Workshop

The Creative Workshop is a tool to focus on what’s important to you. Grab four sheets of paper and label them: My Body, My Home, My Relationships, My Work.

Write down what you desire for each category and why. This helps you clarify your desires and attract them into your life. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t. This process activates positive energy and brings your desires closer to reality. It’s like choosing what you want your life magnet to attract.

So, welcome to Planet Earth—where you’re a magnificent creator! Spend a little time each day in your workshop, envisioning your ideal life. As you do, you’ll attract more of what you want into your experience.

Process 4: Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality process helps you feel good by imagining positive scenes.

Choose settings and scenarios that bring joy, without trying to fix problems. Practice regularly to improve your mood and attract better experiences. Remember, what you focus on affects what you attract, so aim for positivity. Use memories if visualization is hard.

By focusing on good feelings, you’ll align with what you want and attract more positive outcomes. Keep practicing, and you’ll see improvements in your life.

Process 5: The Prosperity Game

The Prosperity Game is a fun way to boost your imagination and attract abundance. Imagine having a checking account and depositing $1,000 on day one, then spending it all.

Each day, deposit $1,000 more than the day before. Be creative with how you spend it, and write detailed memos on your checks. As you play, your imagination will expand, and your point of attraction will shift, bringing more prosperity into your life.

There are no rules—just have fun and exercise your imagination. By focusing on abundance in this playful way, you’ll see improvements in all areas of your life.

Process 6: The Meditation Process

The Meditation Process is a powerful tool for relieving resistance and raising your vibration.

By quieting your mind and focusing on your breath, you release resistance and allow your natural state of well-being to emerge. Sit in a comfortable, quiet space and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing, letting go of any thoughts that arise. Imagine your mind as a bobbing cork on the water—when you release resistance, you naturally rise to a higher vibration. Meditation helps you become more aware of your inner being and allows desired manifestations to flow into your experience.

Even just 10-15 minutes a day can make a significant difference in your vibration and the manifestations in your life.

Process 7: Evaluating Dreams

Evaluating Dreams helps you understand what’s going on in your mind and what you might create in real life. Before bed, decide if you’ll remember your dreams.

When you wake up, stay still and see if you remember anything. Focus on how you felt in the dream; it’s important. Positive dreams mean good thoughts, while bad ones show what you might not want. Writing down your dreams can help you see patterns.

Dreams can also give you hints about your future. If you dream about something you don’t want, use it to change your thoughts. Paying attention to your dreams can help you make better choices and create the life you want.

Process 8: The Book of Positive Aspects

When to Use:

– When you’re feeling good about something and want to keep that positive vibe going.

– When you’re dealing with a topic that doesn’t feel good, and you want to shift your focus to improve your mood.

– When most things feel good, but there are a few areas you want to feel better about.

How to Start:

1. Get a notebook that feels good to you.

2. Write “My Book of Positive Aspects” on the cover.

3. Take at least 20 minutes to begin.

4. Write down the name of someone or something you feel good about.

5. Ask yourself why you like them or it, and what their positive aspects are.

6. Write down your thoughts without forcing them.

7. Repeat the process for different names or titles until your time is up.


– Feel good during the process.

– Improve your point of attraction.

– Strengthen your relationship with each subject you write about.

– Attract more positive experiences into your life.

Process 9: Scripting

When to Use:

– When you’re feeling good and want to add details to what you’re creating in your life.

– When you enjoy the thrill of writing down what you’d like to experience and seeing it come true.

– When you want to experience the power of your focused thoughts.

How to Start:

1. Pretend that whatever you write will come true exactly as you write it.

2. Imagine yourself as a writer describing everything you desire in detail.

3. Stay light and playful while scripting to avoid activating doubts or disbelief.

4. Focus on specifics and offer no resistance to what you’re scripting.

5. Practice the feeling of having what you desire as you write your script.


– Scripting helps you break the habit of talking about things as they are and start talking about how you want them to be.

– Identify yourself as the central character in your script and write down the plot and other main characters.

– Practice feeling the experiences you want to live through scripting.

– The Universe responds to your vibration whether it’s in response to reality or imagination, so accept your scripted reality as if it’s real.

– Regurgitate your script often to accept it as reality and let the Universe respond accordingly.

Process 10: The Place Mat Process

When to Use:

– When you want to utilize your Universal Manager effectively.

– When you prefer to create your reality through the flow of Energy rather than your own action.

– When you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list.

– When you want more time to enjoy activities that bring you pleasure.

How to Start:

1. Draw a line down the center of a large paper.

2. On the left side, write “Things I Will Do Today.”

3. On the right side, write “Things I Would Like the Universe to Do.”

4. Select only the tasks you absolutely intend to do today and write them on your side.

5. Transfer all other tasks to the Universe’s side of the paper.


– Lightens your mental load by delegating tasks to the Universe.

– Allows you to release resistance and shift your vibration.

– Enhances your timing and alignment with people and events.

– Focus on what you really intend to do, reducing overwhelm.

– Trust the Universe to handle tasks beyond your immediate control.

– Clarify your desires by discussing them, but know that once stated, they’re already in motion.

– Manifestations may follow later due to resistance, but once you’re clear, they’re on their way.

Process 11: Segment Intending

When to Use:

– When you want to exert influence during a specific time segment of your day.

– When ensuring things go as planned is crucial.

– When optimizing time or resources is a priority.

How to Start:

1. Identify the upcoming segment of your day.

2. Set clear intentions for what you want to experience in that segment.

3. Focus on positive expectations and beliefs.

4. Align your thoughts with desired outcomes.

5. Repeat the process for each new segment.


– Your point of attraction is determined by how you feel.

– Focus on specific desires during each segment for clarity and power.

– Avoid overwhelming yourself with too many intentions at once.

– Practice identifying and setting intentions regularly for optimal results.

Process 12: Wouldn’t It Be Nice If?

When to Use:

– When you’re feeling negative and want to shift to a positive mindset.

– When you’re already feeling good and want to enhance specific areas of your life.

– When guiding conversations towards a more positive direction.

How It Works:

1. Choose a desire or area of improvement.

2. Formulate “Wouldn’t it be nice if…?” statements related to that desire.

3. Keep the statements soft and easy, without pressure or resistance.

4. Focus on the positive expectation generated by the statements.

5. Trust in the process and allow things to unfold in their own time.


– “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had the best time with our friends?”

– “Wouldn’t it be nice if traffic was light for our trip?”

– “Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a productive day at work?”


– Shifts focus from negativity to positivity.

– Aligns thoughts with desired outcomes.

– Creates a softer, less resistant vibration.

– Encourages trust in the manifestation process.

– Allow time for things to unfold naturally without expecting instant results.

Process 13: Which Thought Feels Better?

When to Use:

– When you want to understand how you truly feel about something.

– When making decisions and seeking the best direction.

– When determining your current Emotional Set-Point.

– When becoming consciously aware of your Emotional Guidance System.

How It Works:

1. Identify a subject or situation that you want to explore.

2. Write down your initial thoughts and feelings about that subject.

3. Write additional statements that amplify your feelings.

4. Commit to reaching for thoughts that feel slightly better.

5. Evaluate each new thought to determine if it feels better, the same, or worse than the previous one.

6. Choose thoughts that feel increasingly better to shift your emotional state positively.


– Helps in making decisions aligned with your true feelings.

– Guides you towards thoughts that improve your emotional state.

– Empowers you to influence your experiences and relationships positively.

– Recognize that your thoughts influence your reality and the behavior of others.

Process 14: Clearing Clutter for Clarity

When to Use:

– If you feel stressed from being disorganized.

– Spending too much time searching for things.

– Avoiding home because it’s cluttered.

– Feeling overwhelmed by tasks and time.


– Saves time by reducing search efforts.

– Makes living spaces more pleasant.

– Helps make decisions and finish tasks.

– Clutter can cloud your mind and attract negativity.

– Clear out what you don’t need to make space for good things.

Process 15: The Wallet Process

When to Use:

– To attract more money into your life.

– To improve your feelings about money.

– When you feel financially stressed or lacking.

– To boost your belief in abundance.

How It Works:

1. Get a $100 bill and keep it in your wallet.

2. Remind yourself of its presence often.

3. Mentally spend the $100 on things you desire throughout the day.

4. Feel the sense of abundance and security it brings.

5. Repeat the process daily to reinforce positive feelings.

Why It Helps:

– Shifts your focus from lack to abundance.

– Raises your vibration to attract more money.

– Makes you feel financially secure and empowered.

– Opens you up to opportunities for increased wealth.


– Practicing the feeling of abundance is key to attracting wealth.

– Even mental spending of the $100 bill builds prosperity consciousness.

– Belief in your own prosperity is essential for this process to work.

– It’s about deliberately cultivating positive feelings about money.

Process 16: Pivoting

When to Use:

– When you realize you’re focusing on what you don’t want.

– To shift to a more positive point of attraction.

– When you’re feeling okay but want to feel even better.

How It Works:

1. Recognize when you’re focused on what you don’t want.

2. Stop and ask yourself what you do want instead.

3. Shift your thoughts towards what you desire.

4. Keep focusing on the positive aspects to attract what you want.


– Prevents negative attraction by redirecting your focus.

– Choosing to feel good attracts more positive experiences.

– Pivoting is a continual process of choosing positivity over negativity.

Process 17: The Focus Wheel Process

The Focus Wheel Process is a tool for shifting negative thoughts to positive ones. You start by identifying what you don’t want, then choose slightly better-feeling thoughts related to what you do want.

By gradually building momentum with these positive thoughts, you align your energy with your desires. It’s like easing onto a spinning merry-go-round: start with what feels close to your current beliefs and work your way up. This process can improve clarity and bring insights by aligning your thoughts with your desires.

Ultimately, it’s about consciously choosing thoughts that feel better to create a more positive experience.

Process 18: The Finding the Feeling-Place Process

The Finding the Feeling-Place process helps you align your vibration with your desires.

Instead of focusing on what you lack or what’s wrong, you immerse yourself in the feeling of having what you want. Imagine scenarios that evoke positive emotions related to your desires. Whether it’s more money, a better job, a happier relationship, or a healthier body, visualize yourself already living your desired reality.

By consistently practicing this process, you shift your point of attraction towards what you want, leading to positive manifestations. It’s about generating feelings of abundance and satisfaction rather than dwelling on scarcity or lack.

The more you engage in this process, the more natural and enjoyable it becomes, and the more your life aligns with your newfound positive vibrations.

Process 19: Releasing Resistance to Become Free of Debt

This process helps you become debt-free by shifting your focus and vibration around money.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Get a columnar writing pad with columns for your monthly expenses.

2. Write your largest monthly expense in the left column and its amount.

3. Circle this amount and write the total outstanding debt for this category.

4. Repeat for all your expenses, writing the affirmation: “It is my desire to keep my promise regarding all of these financial obligations, and in some cases, I will even do twice as much as is required.”

5. Whenever you receive a bill, adjust the minimum monthly amount if necessary.

6. When it’s time to pay the smallest monthly expense, pay twice the required amount.

7. Keep doing this even if you can’t pay everything, feeling glad for keeping your promise.

8. Your vibration will start to shift as you focus on paying your debts and keeping your word.

9. As your vibration shifts, you’ll notice positive changes in your financial situation.

10. Unexpected money may appear, bargains will reveal themselves, and your financial well-being will improve.

11. Keep applying extra payments to the smallest debt until it’s paid off, then move to the next one.

12. With consistent focus and action, you can become debt-free quickly.

Remember, your vibration around money matters. Focus on abundance and allow it into your life. Success is about feeling joyful in the unfolding of life, not just achieving goals.

Release the belief that you need to earn abundance; instead, allow it to flow to you by practicing the feeling-place of what you want to experience. Life is meant to be fun and feel good, so focus on savoring the positive and anticipating the best.

Process 20: Turning It Over to the Manager

1. Imagine you’re the owner of a big company.

2. You have a manager who handles everything efficiently.

3. Your manager is like the Law of Attraction, working for you.

4. Instead of doing everything yourself, delegate to the Law of Attraction.

5. Make requests with the expectation of results.

6. Setting goals is like giving tasks to your manager.

7. Trust that things will fall into place when you align with the Law of Attraction.

8. You’re still in control, but you’re creating your life instead of just reacting.

9. Action is important, but inspired action is even better.

Process 21: Reclaiming One’s Natural State of Health

1. Lie down comfortably when you’re not likely to be disturbed.

2. Read this list slowly to yourself:

   – My body naturally wants to be well.

   – Even if I don’t know how to get better, my body does.

   – My cells know how to find balance.

   – I didn’t know then what I know now.

   – I don’t need to understand or explain my illness.

   – I only need to release it gently.

   – My body will align with my thoughts of well-being.

   – It’s okay to take time for my body to heal.

   – I trust my body and my Source.

3. Focus on your breathing and relax.

4. Don’t force anything; just let your body relax and breathe deeply.

5. Feel soft sensations in your body, which is your body’s way of healing.

6. Smile and acknowledge the healing process.

7. If you’re feeling pain, add these affirmations:

   – Pain is a sign of healing.

   – I will relax into the pain because it shows improvement.

8. If you can, fall asleep with the knowledge that everything is well.

9. Remember, every cell in your body responds to your thoughts and emotions.

10. Your beliefs shape your reality, so focus on what feels good and avoid negative thoughts.

11. Make choices that align with what feels good to you, and trust the process of healing.

Process 22: Moving Up the Emotional Scale

1. Identify your current emotional state by considering whether you feel powerful or powerless.

2. Use the emotional scale provided to pinpoint your exact emotion.

3. Once you’ve identified your emotion, focus on finding thoughts that provide even a slight feeling of relief.

4. Express these thoughts out loud or write them down to gain clarity on how you’re feeling.

5. As you consistently choose thoughts that offer relief, you’ll begin to release resistance and move up the emotional scale.

6. Remember that the goal is to reach a better-feeling emotion, even if it’s just a slight improvement from where you currently are.

7. You may spend several days gradually moving up the emotional scale, but each improvement brings you closer to empowerment and well-being.

8. Trust that as you release resistance and improve your emotional state, you’ll start to see positive changes in various areas of your life.

Thank you for your time.

Remember to recommend the books you want me to summarize.

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