Ask and It Is Given: Summary, Key Takeaways.

Ask and It Is Given Book summary in 3 sentences.

If you are feeling good, you are accepting the connection; if you are feeling bad, you are opposing the connection to your Source.

If there is something you want but do not currently have, all you have to do is focus on it. The Law of Attraction will bring it to you because, as you think about what you want, you are offering a vibration that attracts that very thing or experience, which is required by law.

Remember Nothing in your life experience can happen until you invite it with a thought.

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The five key takeaways from Ask and It Is Given.

What you think about affects how you feel. Whether you’re thinking about the past, present, or future, it creates a vibe inside you.

Pay attention to how you feel and direct your thoughts towards better-feeling thoughts to achieve vibrational harmony with the natural state of Well-Being within you.

Finding fault with yourself or others creates a vibration of resistance that disrupts your connection with your true essence.

Changing your thoughts leads to changing your experiences.

Taking control of your emotions starts with making a conscious decision to focus on the best-feeling thoughts available to you at any given moment.

Top 10 lessons from Ask and It Is Given book.

Ensure that your focus aligns with your desires rather than their absence. Your desires and beliefs need to resonate at the same frequency for you to manifest what you want.

Every subject contains both what you desire and what you don’t desire. It’s essential to be mindful of where your focus lies because even when you think you’re concentrating on what you want, you might actually be dwelling on its absence. This awareness teaches us the importance of deliberately directing our thoughts towards what we truly desire, rather than inadvertently giving attention to what we wish to avoid.

Feeling strong negative emotions like anger, fear, or disappointment when you really want something indicates that you are focused on the opposite of your desire, introducing resistance to its manifestation.

Feeling unhappy about not having what you desire or feeling jealous of others who possess it indicates a lack of alignment with your desires.

You hold the power and control over your own life experience.

Cultivate awareness of the vibrational harmony between your thoughts and your experiences. Recognize that nothing can manifest in your life without resonance with your thoughts and emotions. By maintaining positive vibrations and focusing on what you want, you can shape your reality according to your desires.

Intensity and duration of focus accelerate the manifestation process.

Feeling good comes from appreciating things, which is like being in tune with your true self.

Your thoughts shape your reality, whether you consciously want them to or not.

Lack of awareness of your emotions can lead to a feeling of loss of control over your life.

Action steps from Ask and It Is Given.

Pay attention to how you feel to understand if you’re focusing on what you want or on what you don’t want. When your thoughts align with your desires, you’ll feel good, ranging from contentment to joy. However, if you’re dwelling on the absence of your desires, you’ll experience emotions like worry, anger, or depression.

Visualize yourself in your current position, receiving the abundant flow of well-being. Imagine yourself immersed in this powerful stream, feeling its energy enveloping you. Allow yourself to feel deserving of this abundance, and embrace it with a smile.

When you start paying attention to something, the vibration it creates isn’t very intense. But as you keep thinking or talking about it, the vibration grows stronger. With sufficient focus on any topic, it can become a prominent thought in your mind. The more attention you give to a thought and the more you focus on it, the more it shapes your overall vibration. Eventually, this repeated thought solidifies into a belief.

What you predominantly focus on determines what comes into your life. If your attention is mainly on what you don’t want, it blocks the arrival of what you do want. For instance, if you’re constantly thinking about your desired new car, it’s on its way to you. However, if your focus remains on your unreliable current car, you prevent the arrival of your desired dependable new car.

Whenever you catch yourself finding fault, pause and remind yourself that this disrupts your connection with your true self. Shift your focus to appreciation or understanding to realign with a state of allowing and well-being.

When you catch yourself feeling unhappy or jealous in such situations, use it as a cue to realign your focus. Instead of dwelling on lack or comparison, shift your thoughts towards appreciation for what you do have and trust that what you desire is on its way to you. This mindset shift can help bring you back into alignment with your desires.

Practice paying attention to your emotions as they are indicators of your vibrational alignment. Deliberately choose thoughts that feel good to you whenever possible, focusing on what brings you joy, satisfaction, and well-being. By consistently directing your thoughts towards positive feelings, you can gradually align yourself with the desires you wish to manifest in your life.

Embrace unfamiliar perspectives on familiar subjects. Challenge yourself to think differently about the things you encounter daily. By exploring new viewpoints, you open yourself up to new possibilities and pave the way for positive change in your life.

Amplify your desire and prolong your focus on what you want to manifest by consistently aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions with your desires. As you increase your intensity and commitment to your goals, you’ll notice the energy moving swiftly to bring them into your reality.

Think about things you like and appreciate, as it makes you feel happy and connected inside. If you start thinking negatively or criticizing, notice how it makes you feel bad, and switch back to thinking about things you appreciate to feel good again.

Practice self-awareness by regularly checking in with your emotions. Take note of how you’re feeling and what thoughts are accompanying those feelings. This awareness will help you steer your thoughts and actions towards your desired outcomes.

Commit to choosing the best-feeling thought within your reach, regardless of your current emotional state. With consistent practice, you’ll gradually shift towards a more positive and empowered mindset.

Notice how your desire feels. If it feels too big and distant, it’s not quite ready. Focus on making it feel more achievable by aligning your thoughts and feelings with it. When it starts feeling like the next logical step, it’s close to coming true.

Pay attention to what you’re thinking. If it makes you feel good, keep focusing on it. If it doesn’t, try to shift your thoughts to something better.

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