Know the age of start watching po*nography. Take care of your children now.

Why it’s important to know the age of start watching po*nography?

Why should you know how the po*nography habit started?

You all want to take care of your children, but don’t know how to. Don’t worry go ahead I have explained in detail.

Because until you don’t know how it started, how will you find a solution?

It is important to know how it started, how was it feeling

How did you get used to it?

I will tell you what you think, even you will be surprised to know how I know all these true feeling

So are you ready to know?

I will take you deep inside and try to explain how you started it.

If you start thinking that how you start the po*nography habit you eventually get the answer. About yourself.

Let’s talk about experiences.

You start thinking about how it started.

Think think…

Got answer???

If you thought wholeheartedly then you really got the Ans, but still, you didn’t get, no problem

I am here to tell you these things.

It starts when you are 11 years old

it seems how early right?

But when you know the grade it seems ok.

When you studied in seventh grade or sixth grade.

It is the time when most children get used to it and involving in bad kinds of stuff.

You start wondering how it started.

It is that you do not start to see it by yourself, or anywhere it shows you, it comes from somewhere else and it often comes from friends.

Like you may have seen and experience that some friend has spoken to you that this is very good, try it, and then you start to feel addicted and get used to it.

Without this you find a hard to living, your mind thinks only and only that from where I get po*nography material, whether it is in the form of a magazine or as a video, but now it seems that the video will be used more.

Estimates suggest that up to 90% or more of youth between 12 and 18 years have access to the Internet. 

Previously, there was more time for magazine, so people used to get used to magazines.

Using data from the Youth Internet Safety Survey, a nationally representative, cross-sectional telephone survey of 1501 children and adolescents (ages 10–17 years), characteristics associated with self-reported po*nography-seeking behavior, both on the Internet and using traditional methods (e.g., magazines), are identified.

When you have seen it before, you must have felt that this is wrong but still you start looking what is next. And start turning pages in the case of the magazine and continue watching po*n in the case of video.

Am I right?

That night you couldn’t get the photos out of your mind and wanted to see them again.

Now you must be wondering that I am the only one who started watching at such a young age?

No, not only you, there are almost all children are getting used to at the age of 11.

Now you have learned that the average age that young people are exposed to po*nography is 11.

Children under the age of 14 who have intentionally looked at po*nography are more likely to report traditional exposures, such as magazines or movies.

And when you didn’t get the chance to view po*nography often during middle school, you acquired your own magazines in high school and then switched to the internet for viewing po*nography.

Is this how you started?

 You never thought you were addicted, just enjoying looking at pictures of naked ladies. As you thought back about your habits, sometimes you went weeks and months without viewing po*nography,

thinking you could stop when you wanted to. But you always went back to it, you were addicted shortly after you were 11 years old but didn’t realize it.

The vast majority (87%) of youth who report looking for s*xual images online are 14 years of age or older when it is developmentally appropriate to be s*xually curious.

You felt foolish as this thought hit you. now you’ve learned what it means to be addicted and I’m glad that finally, you wanted to do something about it.

It is time to take action. Or either you just wish I would have done something about it many, many years ago.

You thought the problem would go away as you got older or when you got married or when you had less stress in your life.

“Now you know that the problem doesn’t get better on its own. You would have been better off, way better off if you would have addressed it many years ago…

Now you are thinking you’ve been stupid to live with po*nography for so many years.

You’ve been trying to tell yourself that you weren’t addicted, could go long stretches without viewing po*nography, and could quit when you wanted.

 Now you realize those were lies and you knew in your heart that they were always lying. Now you know viewing po*nography is bad, bad for you, bad for your family, bad for your work.

 You already know that I’m addicted even if I view po*nography only once per year.

“If you know you don’t want to do it but you do it anyway, even infrequently, then you are not living according to your own values and your own standards so I’m addicted. In essence, you are doing something you really don’t want to do.

To me, that’s the definition of addiction that I don’t want with me anymore.

And I am pretty sure that the same definition for you also.

Now you all know how it starts, now you will also have blankness in your mind if you have a child, then you will be thinking, how to take care of them.

Every parent feels that their child is not doing any wrong thing, but in today’s time, if everyone has a phone, then there is more hope to go in the wrong way.

How to stop children from watching po*n?

Every parent wants their child not to go on the wrong path

They want to find every way how to keep them away from all the wrong things.

So, I will tell you a very easy way how you can save them.

how you can take care of your children.

Children care

So, the first step is to know Who is their friend?

How are their friends?

Because children learn more from their friends which they live with?

So, if their friends are good then your kids may not go on the wrong path.

because Children are spoiled by friends only and carelessness of parents sorry for word but it is true because they think their children are good enough and not doing useless stuff.

Keep an eye on children

Like I said above that you should take care of your children, and keep an eye on them, now every parent gives such freedoms to the children and when something goes wrong, then they start keeping an eye.

so start early until it goes already wrong.

Understand the feelings

Try to understand the feelings of the children as much as you can
If parents do not understand the feelings, then the percentage is going high to go more on the wrong path.
They start sharing with their friends and they give more wrong advice.
And slowly they move away from the parents

Be kind to them.

Try to reduce their anger a little and you too,
It is not good to be angry all the time
Be a little loving, try to understand little your children

These little things can change the way of your life and your children.

There are some apps that parents can use for their children’s protection.

these are all apps you can go and check out.

And yes take care of your son more instead of your daughter every parent takes care of their daughters only, so you should take care of your son also,

because research shows that boys are more likely to watch po*n than girls.

So now you must have understood how important it is, its time to take care of your children now,

You should sit and think about it in peace, how dangerous it is, if you think that all the above-mentioned things are similar to you and your feelings, then please let me know in the comments section.

Thank you for the read!

Have a nice day!

Source: power over po*nography book.

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