Are you Addicted to Po*nography? Clear your doubt here only.

If you came here then make sure you are reading every word. Because every word is important for your life. And I advise you to take this seriously.

Even if you watched po*n in a year.


Ask yourself.

Signs and symptoms.


Let’s get started,

Ask yourself: first of all, you have to ask yourself.

Whether you are addicted or not, if yes why do you think so, and if not, why do you think so?

And yes, if you are thinking that you’re not addicted so then also you should read all signs and symptoms. Because this generation of people thinks that they are not addicted but they are. 

And you feel that even if you are addicted, then why is anyone spoiled by this, but you do not know that it is ruining your whole life inside. And most important is that we do not know that it is ruining our lives.

And no one talks about it, why should everyone talk they do the same thing today and everyone is ruining their life somewhere.

So now the question comes whether you are addicted or not … So, we will know some signs and symptoms.

Signs and symptoms:

You must have read above how dangerous it is for all of us….

Anger: Now you have to be hooked that everyone tells this but no one tells what kind of anger it is…

So, I will tell you what kind of anger it is … We will understand it by going deep

You will not like anything and there will be nothing but human beings in it and such a person whom you love, you will start angry with him or her…

Which used to be good for you, but now you will slowly start feeling bad.

 If you are surprised by how you will know, then I give you an example as if you have to calm down for a second or at least a minute

At least you can do this and ask with great courage and peace why you are angry

Are you angry because food is bad…? So, you have to ask whether it is really bad or my own mind is bad….

if you have a girlfriend or a wife and you are angry at her, then you have to see why…

Are you angry with his or her words …? So, you have to ask again, is it really different now or was it already like this …

And if she or he was already like this, so why are you angry now… So, that means you are addicted…

You might think that watching this po*n increases your interest in your wife or your girlfriend but it is a lie.  ….

Your interest decreases and we do not understand that we feel that we could not understand earlier or we have made the wrong decision

But it is not so … Your reason is that po*n which is silently sitting in peace is becoming difficult for your life …

If you get angry with her dress, why it is, why do you think it is a really bad dress, or it is just a lie…

The girlfriend or the wife you were so physically upset with, why suddenly it started feeling bad

You decide in a hurry … but do not go deep inside and understand what is the reason

Changes came in his body or came in his mind or came in your mind and heart.

How long will you keep yourself in the darkness of a lie… get out and dare…

Second is sadness

There is everything in your life that you need, yet you are not happy … yet you are not enjoying it

With the things you already have

You are always sad inside and you don’t even know why you are sad … So, it is just one reason and that is a po*n

You may not know or may think this is a minor thing but it kills your happiness.

And you keep searching for the reason why you are sad … but do not find what you are doing.

Watching po*n is like a trend nowadays

People think that it is necessary ….and why it seems that we never ask

The only thing people ask now is where will the po*n videos meet… where is their link….

The other important thing is that you do not even dare to ask an important question that really matters

Short temper

If you understand that this is a wave of anger, it is absolutely not…it’s a totally different

Short temper.  You get angry soon, On the smallest point

It comes without reason and it is not that this is very low in 100% 90% you get angry.

And why doesn’t that 10% come because you don’t listen to that thing carefully or Ignore it

 And no matter how small it is…. If you do not get angry then you are like crazy….

Don’t know why people think that a short temper is a habit and it happens inside a human being

Do not think that this habit from where came… Why does this habit have…?

Did not come soon after being born, how suddenly did this habit come

A small thing grows big on its own…lol… come on it is only you who increase it and you do not understand how it grew

Hey look at this first thing, what is the matter … and why are you growing up

We never ask ourselves anything, just make accusations.


This fear is a very different fear

We are always afraid, we feel that everything we have will go somewhere,

And look, this is the fear in which we always feel that we will be able to save this thing or not

You negatively think of every positive thing and on every little thing, you get nervous and start getting scared. 


You feel that you are not addicted but you are, and you do not even know if you see it in the short, then if you have started getting angry on small things and you are in tension without any other reason. Those things which You used to feel good about, now you have started feeling bad, so you are addicted.

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