Warning: A myth about watching po*nography.

Why do we watch po*nography? The main reason.

In today’s time, everyone likes to watch po*n but no one knows why we watch it, now everyone will answer that we enjoy it a lot but it is a lie,

I will tell you what is the main reason for this,

And you must know, after all, that you all have the right to know the truth.

So let’s get started,

And make sure that you are not just scrolling but try to read and understand,

Strong S*x drive:

Everyone feels that watching po*n strengthens their S*x drive, which is not like this at all, this is the biggest lie and biggest myth in the mind of the people,

So now you have cleared one myth, SHOCKED, it’s ok, it’s not only you who think, 90% of people think the same so you don’t have to feel guilty. Hahaha

Beautiful women trigger:

Did you ever notice that whenever you see beautiful women on the tv or in reality you desire to watch more po*nography?

It’s not only in the case of reality-based women, it doesn’t matter at all, either on tv or on reality.

Just the case of women that’s all.

To see a beautiful woman and rationalize looking at po*nography is to punish ourselves and deny our right to choose our reaction.

It’s the reality of attraction or in other words short desire.

Relieve stress:

We all have a common problem that we feel that stress can be relieved by watching po*n,

This lie is growing very fast, do not know why nowadays everyone feels that every wrong thing takes away the stress from everyone,

as an example, cigarette, and alcohol, we feel that it is taking away our stress, but only Inside do we know that our health is destroyed by this,

In spite of that we like to take it, the difference is only that in cigarette and alcohol we know that it is spoiling us, and in po*n, we do not know, how would anyone know if no one like to tell.

In the past when you sought to relieve stress by viewing po*nography, how did you feel?”

Pause here and think.

“your answer is like; I felt some temporary relief followed by increased stress.”

Am I right?

 “How long did the temporary relief last?”  pause here and think again, now you realized that the relief lasted no more than several seconds.

Even “Less than a minute.”

Am I right?

And now then how and what do you feel after the “less than a minute” is up?”

I tell you is sure like this, the feelings of guilt, shame, low self-worth,

“Worse than before viewing and doing.”

Am I right?

So now this also is clear in your mind,

Watching po*nography is not reducing stress, even adding more.

So, you come to know about its biggest myth, and cluster clear, right?

Now, will you be careful?

A Bonus Tip for You

We forget things very quickly if someone does not remind us again and again or if we do not see them again and again, that is why write in a paper that

“after watching is going to add more stress”

and stick it where you used to watch more po*n.

And nobody is going to understand your stick paper because it’s short and incomplete, you can write it in your own language too if you think that someone might be understood,

So yeah, I hope you like it.

Thank you for your great time.

Source: power over po*nography.

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