How quitting po*nography can transform your life.

Po*n users’ real reactions on quitting po*nography. Know here in full detail

What we are going to cover today?

So here is full detail.

Do you excited to know what people think? How did they change their life?

How is po*nography destroying life?

What do people think about leaving po*nography?

Is leaving po*nography can really change people’s lives?

Is good to leave po*nography habits?

Let’s get started.

Most users regard internet po*n as a solution, to boredom, S*xual frustration, loneliness, or stress.  but they don’t know the actual truth.

How does po*nography destroy their life?

Get a look here at what problems people face while watching po*nography.

This is very important to know because it’s the things that people facing, and we all realize that, this is not the actual problem, but here are real examples of what people facing,

*I’d looked at pictures for years (well over a decade), and video clips from time to time. But when the tube sites became my daily fare, it was only shortly afterward that I developed ED problems.

I think the tube sites(short clips of hot videos) with their endless clips immediately accessible, threw my brain into overload.

* On a tube site, you can go from 0 to 140 kph in a matter of seconds. Arousal isn’t a gentle, teasing sensation. a build-up of anticipation It’s full-on orgasmic action from here. Because tube clips are so versatile,

In short, you click a lot more on novel clips for a variety of reasons: one is that they are far too short to watch.

build arousal; you don’t know what’ll be in the clip until you see it; never-ending curiosity

and so on.

*I can totally relate to ‘wanting to watch 10 videos all at once, streaming at the same time…’

It’s amazing to hear someone else say it. It’s like this sensory overload or hoarding, or just overstuffing yourself with your favourite junk food.

* Tube sites, especially the big ones, are the crack cocaine of internet po*nography.

There is so much of it, and so much new content every day, every hour, every 10 minutes that I was always able to find constant new stimulation.

* Now with high speed, even to smartphones, it has made me continuously watch more and more and at a higher resolution. It sometimes becomes a whole day AF air looking for the perfect one to finish on.

It never ever satisfies. ‘Need more’ the brain always says…such a lie.

* Before I discovered I had ED I had escalated to tube-site compilation videos, each consisting of the hottest few seconds of dozens of hardcore videos.

*Highspeed po*n changed everything. I began masturbating more than once a day. If I didn’t feel like masturbating but wanted to relieve stress or go to sleep, po*n helped me get aroused.

I found myself looking at po*n before S*x with my wife because she just couldn’t do it for me anymore.

Delayed ejaculation was a huge problem: I could no longer orgasm from oral S*x and I sometimes had difficulty with orgasm in a vagina.

Another guy described himself during his po*n use: –

My friends were drifting away.

I gave up socializing to sit in my room and pleasure myself. –

My family loved me unconditionally but did not enjoy my company. –

I had trouble focusing on my job and as well as my classes at my university.

 I had no girlfriend.

– I had an enormous amount of anxiety with human interactions in general.

– I worked out furiously but never seemed to gain anything.

– Everyone told me I was mentally checked out.

I even caught a glimpse of me in a video and you could see a blank stare in my eyes.

 No one was home. Definition of a space cadet.

– No ENERGY, no matter how much I slept, NONE. NOTHING. AT ALL.

Always tired.

Bags under my eyes, pale, acne, and dehydrated.

– I was terribly depressed.

– I had po*n-induced ED.

– I was stressed, anxious, confused, and lost.

– I was not living life, but I was not dead either. I was a zombie.

* Another guy: My lowest point was when I lost out on my pharmacy diploma and lost my girlfriend on the same day, due to po*n and procrastination.

(Female) I can get a ridiculous number of times in one night because the female biological makeup allows it. Many females (not all) spend a lot of time not with po*n, but with erotica.

We fantasize a lot to get off, while men are very visual.

With the internet, it’s easy to find erotica everywhere, and there are entire forums dedicated to the type of erotica you want.

At my worst, I would have 7 or 8 different sites open and go through them for about 3 or 4 hours or more looking for the perfect S*x story to get of on.

*Before I quit, I felt like shit 24/7.

I had zero energy and zero motivation.

I was lethargic for every hour of every day.

I didn’t eat right. I didn’t exercise. I didn’t study. I didn’t care about personal hygiene.

And I could not care. In the state that I was in, it was extremely difficult to stand for more than 3 minutes, let alone do something productive.

I’m over a month now and I feel so much better.

*Another guy: Everything from my social life to my physical health has been damaged by this addiction.

The worst part about it was that I constantly justified it in my head by saying it was ‘healthy for me’ and ‘at least it isn’t a drug’.

In reality, this was worse than any drug I had consumed and the least healthy activity I was participating in.

*Another example: (Age 29) 17 years of masturbation and 12 years of escalating to extreme/fetish po*n. I started to lose interest in real S*x.

The build-up and release from po*n became stronger than it was from S*x.

Po*n of ers unlimited variety.

I could choose what I want to see at the moment.

My delayed ejaculation during S*x became so bad that sometimes I couldn’t orgasm at all. This killed my last desire to have S*x.

What do people think about leaving po*nography?

One guy thinks:

Social anxiety improved drastically

 – includes confidence, eye contact, comfort interacting, smoothness, etc.

– More energy in general

 – Clearer, sharper mind, more concentration

– More vibrant-looking face

– Depression alleviated

– Desire to interact with women

– Boners are back!!

Is leaving po*nography can really change people’s lives?

Real example: I’m so happy right now! I’m a 25-year-old male and until last night I had never orgasmed in the presence of a female.

I have had S*x but never, ever been close to climaxing through any stimulation whatsoever. I started like most of you, using internet po*n from around the age of 15.

If only I’d known what I was doing to myself.

Another example: (4 months without po*n) Yesterday was my birthday, and my girlfriend and I had S*x.

We’ve been S*xually active for months, but I had never orgasmed once during S*x, until yesterday.

It was the greatest feeling ever. It’s a huge weight lifted off both my shoulders and my girlfriend’s, as she was feeling rather self-conscious about the issue.

*Another example(Married, 52) I have many decades of po*n under my belt (so to speak). I have not looked at any po*n or masturbated for nearly 4 weeks, and all I can say is the change is dramatic.

This morning, I woke up with one of the most intense erections I have ever had. My wife noticed, and was nice enough to give me a wonderful BJ, all before 7 AM! Before this, I cannot remember ever waking up like this, except when I was a teen.

Plus, the feeling was very intense, much better than any po*n release I remember.

* I can say with absolute certainty that the fantasies I had about rape, homicide, and submission were never there before hardcore po*n use from 18-22.

When I stayed away from po*n for 5 months all those fantasies and urges were gone.

My natural S*xual taste was vanilla again and still is.

The thing with po*n is you need harder and harder material, more taboo, more exciting, and ‘wrong’ to actually be able to get off.

* I never thought that I’d be able to have a normal S*x.

I always thought that my brain was just hard-wired to only be turned on by my femdom fetish [female-domination po*n that humiliates men],

similar to the way a gay guy can only be turned on by cock and cannot appreciate S*x with a woman.

Little did I know that the fetish I thought was hard-wired, was simply the result of my po*n-viewing habits. It was a hell of my own making.

After 3 months of no po*n, my latest S*xual encounter has removed any doubt about the effectiveness of quitting.

Is good to leave po*nography habits?

Let’s look in detail what one guy said:

I masturbated a lot from 13 and used po*n from 14. Gradually, it took more to turn me on to bigger fantasies or harder po*n, and I stopped getting hard without touching.

During S*x, I would struggle to get an erection or keep it, especially for intercourse.

Over the past 7 years I haven’t held down a relationship, and the main reason for me has been this problem.

Now, the good news: When I realized the cause, I immediately gave up po*n. Over the last 6 weeks, I held off masturbating as much as I possibly could.

(My best record was 9 days!) It all paid off.

I just went away with a girl for the weekend and it was the best ever.

I still get pretty anxious from all the bad experiences over the years. But I just wanted to tell you all it can work, and it’s well worth it!

Another good example: (Day 46) For the last three days I have felt that strong, natural S*xual attraction to real women while out and about.

I just naturally notice a woman’s figure and it turns me on without me having to think about it.

Duh, that’s how it’s supposed to work! Damn, it’s amazing how po*n screws you up! My penile sensitivity has been off the charts, too.

I honestly don’t remember ever feeling like this.

Another example: In the past, I noticed beauty, of course, but never FELT a DESIRE to be with a girl. I directed all my S*x drive toward po*n.

Everything S*xual for me WAS po*n. I could never think about me, this guy with this cock, having real S*x with a real girl. Now, I feel like S*x is the most natural thing to do.

‘Hell, yeah it’s possible for me to have S*x.

 Hell, yeah there’s a lot of girls out there wanting to have it with me!’ Suddenly, self-defeating thoughts seem so stupid and time-wasting.

I finally feel what most males feel. And it’s awesome.

So now you know how quitting po*nography changed people’s life and yes it’s totally real-world from the book “your brain on po*n” without any editing.

So, thank you for your time,

Be positive, and start leaving a happy life.

Life is too short. Always remember that.

Thank you!

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