1-page free summary of deep work.

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favorite quote: “If you don’t produce, you won’t thrive—no matter how skilled or talented you are.” let’s get started: (if you want to read a detailed summary of atomic habits then click here where I have covered all chapter lessons and top quotes and a lot more.) There is no one correct deep work ritual; … Read more

1 page free summary of a mindset book.

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Favorite quote: “No matter what your ability is, the effort is what ignites that ability and turns it into accomplishment.” For a detailed summary of the mindset, book click here. Let’s get started. You can do things differently, but the important parts of who you are can’t really be changed. You can always change basic … Read more

1-page free summary of the compound effect.

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These are all the action steps you have to take it… I have covered all actions from all the chapters. The compound effect action steps. Write out a few excuses you might be clinging to (e.g., not smart enough, no experience, wrong upbringing, don’t have the education, etc.). Decide to make up in hard work … Read more