12 Rules of life: key takeaways

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“If you betray yourself, if you say untrue things, if you act out a lie, you weaken your character.”

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12 Rules of Life Book summary in 3 sentences.

  • You must walk and speak with confidence in order to live like a person who has won.
  • We must accept responsibility for ourselves and realize that we must take care of ourselves.
  • We shouldn’t concentrate on trying to change others because it is difficult and impossible to do so.

The five key takeaways from 12 Rules of Life.

  • Like a mother takes responsibility for her children. In a similar manner, everyone should be accountable for themselves.
  • Be a better version of yourself every day.
  • There must be some people in your life who constantly encourage you to act improperly; they could be both your friends and your family.
  • Don’t sacrifice your future for momentary pleasure.
  • Always look for a solution and keep things simple.

Top 10 lessons from the 12 Rules of Life book.

  • Silence is a lie when you have something to say.
  • Countless generations went into getting you to where you are. Maybe a little thanks is in order.
  • Hell is when you suffer terribly and are aware that you are the reason for it.
  • Maybe you are undervaluing what you have and overvaluing what you don’t have.
  • Instead of comparing yourself to someone else today, remember who you were yesterday.
  • We merit some consideration. You merit some esteem. You matter to other people just as much as you do to yourself.
  • People use the tools that are immediately available to them to construct their worlds.
  • The better ambitions have to do with the development of character and ability, rather than status and power.
  • Every new lesson is a tiny death. Every new piece of knowledge puts a preconceived idea to the test, forcing it to disintegrate into chaos before it can be reborn as something better. We can sometimes be destroyed by such deaths.
  • Talking helps people organize their minds. They go insane if they have no one to tell their story to.

Action steps from the 12 Rules of life.

Pay close attention to your posture.

Having something is preferable to having nothing.

Only by observing how you behave will you be able to determine what you actually believe (as opposed to what you think you believe).

Countless generations went into getting you to where you are. Maybe a little thanks are in order.

Never undervalue the influence of direction and vision. These are unstoppable forces that can change what might otherwise seem to be insurmountable barriers into passable pathways and expanding opportunities.

Bolster the person’s character. starting with you. Be mindful of yourself. Describe your identity. Personality development Decide where you want to go and express who you are.

You must decide where you want to go in life because unless you take steps in that direction, you won’t get there.

In the same way that you would care for, assist, and treat someone you loved and valued, you should do the same for yourself.

Pay attention to both yourself and the people you are speaking to. Therefore, the highest form of wisdom is the constant pursuit of knowledge rather than the knowledge you already possess.

Stop saying things that weaken and embarrass you. Say only the things that will strengthen you. Only take actions that would be honorable to mention.

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