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It makes it abundantly clear that without ordering principles, chaos beckons and that people need them.

We need laws, norms, and values both separately and collectively. We are scavengers and beasts of burden.

We must carry a burden in order to defend our miserable condition. We need tradition and routine. It’s in order.


These guidelines and the essays that go with them will help you comprehend what you already know: that each person’s soul is insatiably hungry for the courage of true Being,

and that choosing to accept that responsibility is the same as choosing to live a meaningful life.

We will all prosper if we each lead moral lives.

Want to know how?

Favorite quote:

“If you betray yourself, if you say untrue things, if you act out a lie, you weaken your character.”

Let’s get started.

Rule no 1:

It is necessary to understand the distinction between serotonin and octopamine before beginning rule number 1.

Losers have very low serotonin levels and high levels of octopamine, while winners have the opposite chemical balance, with higher levels of serotonin and lower levels of octopamine.

And those who are losers, if they lose once, a chemical is released in them that causes them to start thinking of themselves in the same way and act in ways that make them feel inferior to others and ready to give up before a fight.

Rule 1: Stand straight

You must first adopt their confident personality in order to succeed and advance.

You must walk and speak with confidence in order to live like a person who has won.

The first step in achieving this is to stand straight with your shoulders back.

Rule 2: Treat yourself like you are responsible for helping

You will answer “yes” if I ask you, do you take care of yourself?

But this is untrue, as I’ll display by using a parent as an example.

Parents take excellent care of their kids, giving them whatever they want first. When they need to go somewhere, they take the kids along and provide for them.

but if I ask you that parents don’t love themselves?

you will reply yes.

Is it true that parents don’t love themselves, though?

When I ask if they take care of themselves, you will respond “yes”, which is not true. However, when I point out that they love themselves but do not take care of themselves, you will respond negatively.

They prioritize taking care of their children because they recognize that it is their responsibility, but if they prioritize taking care of themselves in the same way that they prioritize taking care of their children, they will be able to change themselves.

We must accept responsibility for ourselves and realize that we must take care of ourselves.

Although we love ourselves very much, we do not accept responsibility for ourselves.

Instead, we always feel that the person we love is only our responsibility, and we work to make them as good as we can, but we do not do this in regard to ourselves.

If we accept responsibility for ourselves, we will begin to take care of ourselves.

Because of this, take responsibility for yourself, look after yourself, and realize that it is your duty to do so.

Like a mother takes responsibility for her children.

In a similar manner, everyone should be accountable for themselves.

RULE 3: Make friends with people who want the best for you

The author describes having two different kinds of friends: one who wanted to advance in life and accomplish something significant.

The author’s friends had always told him that he smoked cigarettes whenever he had to give up a bad habit, such as quitting smoking.

This friend had no desire to do anything significant or advanced they used to encourage the author to do wrong things.

There must be some people in your life who constantly encourage you to act improperly; they could be both your friends and your family.

Because of this, you should have a friend who will always encourage you and push you to advance.

If you don’t have friends like this, you should find some new friends to replace the ones you currently have because they aren’t doing you any favors.

They are not your good friend either.

The author says that such people are like poison and you should stay away from them as much as possible.

RULE 4: Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today

Imagine a boy who worked extremely hard all day and night to create YouTube videos, and after much effort, he received 1000 subscribers.

However, when he went to share his joy with everyone

he sees that by working equally hard, people have gone further, so imagine how he would feel.

Similarly, it must have happened to you as well,

we constantly begin comparing ourselves to others and as a result, we begin to feel inferior, which lowers our serotonin levels and causes us to constantly feel lost.

That is why we should never compare ourselves with others because by this we harm ourselves.

The world has progressed so much that no matter how hard we work, someone will always be ahead of us.

there is always someone better than us—more beautiful than us, with a better physique—we shouldn’t ever compare ourselves to others. Instead, we should always put forth the effort to improve ourselves.

Always ask these three questions to yourself.

What is the problem?

Can I change it?

Do I actually want to fix it?

If the answers to all three questions are yes, start making improvements right away. 

If the answers to all three questions are yes, start making improvements right away. If any of the answers are no, leave things alone as it is.

Be a better version of yourself every day.

RULE 5: Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them

You may be wondering why any mother would not like her child, but if you consider the author’s experiences as a very skilled physician who has cared for numerous patients, you will see why.

As a result, he gives numerous examples, such as the mother who killed her son and the woman who put her child’s hand in flaming water. 

As a result, he gives numerous examples, such as the mother who killed her son and the woman who put her child’s hand in flaming water.

At first, you might think that these mothers are abhorrent, but the author argues that every time a mother harms her children, there is a reason for it. 

For instance, the mother of the child who was killed claims that her son was upset by his relatives. and consistently mistreated her family.

Because of this, the author advises you not to let your kids do any tasks that you dislike.

Because if a mother doesn’t like her kids, how will the outside world be?

and a child will never be happy as a result.

Three disciplinary guidelines

For kids, there are fewer rules.

Do not impose rules on children

Parents’ duty is to mold kids so that society will like them.

RULE 6: Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world

You’ve probably always seen plenty of these bloodthirsty, abhorrent individuals, and while you may consider them to be bad people, you probably never consider their origins.

People who develop in this way always had a childhood problem for which they wished to exact revenge.

Revenge comes in two forms: one is when you have verbally abused someone and at the same time say something inappropriate, causing the argument to end with him; 

the other is when you want to take action that will benefit the entire world.

You are constantly considering the idea that you need to manage and control other people.

And occasionally, those who think this way turn into very bad people, which is bad for both them and other people.

According to the authors, it is very simple to criticize others, but very difficult to criticize ourselves and make changes to ourselves.

As a result, rather than seeing others as bad and wrong, we should change ourselves and identify what is wrong with us.

We shouldn’t concentrate on trying to change others because it is difficult and impossible to do so. However, since it is very simple to change oneself, we ought to do so instead.

RULE 7: Pursue what is meaningful (not what is expedient)

Don’t engage in activities that make you happy now but could harm your future.

Be honest with yourself about what you are doing that could harm your future.

And what can you do that can improve your future?

Don’t sacrifice your future for momentary pleasure.

As if you are watching a movie and listening to a song,

All of this won’t help you to achieve your goals.

Try to get better every day and consider how you can get better tomorrow.

RULE 8: Tell the truth—or, at least, don’t lie

Always tell the truth, the author advises, even if it puts you in a difficult situation.

Lying might make things easier for you, but it might not last long.

Always try to speak the truth as much as you can and always stand up for the truth because otherwise you are lying to yourself, you will never be able to face the truth, and you will never be able to move forward.

Your confidence will be sustained by this.

and you’ll experience optimism.

RULE 9 / Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t

Try to always let the person finish talking whenever you are conversing with them.

You might not be aware of what he is saying to you or what he plans to say next.

In order to improve yourself, always try to let him finish what he starts.

Also, never judge someone without first knowing the situation.

And you’ll improve your communication skills, so always try to be a little quieter during conversations and concentrate on hearing and understanding the other person.

RULE 10: Be precise in your speech

Always try to be direct and talk instead of twisting things whenever you are speaking or trying to persuade someone.

And whenever you are arguing with someone, try to come to an acceptable outcome rather than escalating the conflict.

Every time we argue, we frequently do this: we bring up old arguments and remind each other of them, saying things like, “You did this, you did that,” without considering how to resolve the issue.

This always makes matters worse.

For this reason, always look for a solution and keep things simple.

RULE 11: Do not bother children when they are skateboarding

We always pursue the work that we enjoy doing the most.

But if there is a risk involved and we succeed by benefiting from that risk, then we started enjoying even more

The author advises that you should not stop your child from engaging in risky activities because doing so will enable him to advance and develop his capacity for hard work.

If your child wants to go skateboarding, let him do it; never stop him from doing so.

He will always get up by falling and learn by falling, so don’t let him stop.

RULE 12: Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street

The author advises us not to become upset with our lives, no matter how challenging they become or how bad they appear to us.

To keep our minds at ease, we should always think positively about how we can move forward.

If anything is really bothering us, we should pet a dog or a cat and love them.

And we can successfully settle our lives.

Thank you for your time.

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