the rudest book ever: key takeaways.

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“If you need somebody else to tell you that you are special, then you have not done anything to earn it in your own mind.”

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The rudest book ever Book summary in 3 sentences.

I’m going to declare that the world is unfair—basically, that it’s a bad place—and commit myself to pointing fingers, harboring hatred, and spreading negativity.

You must first come to terms with your “self” if you want to be at peace with yourself.

The feeling that life is going well right now is a result of having self-respect.

The five key takeaways from the rudest book ever.

Reliance on others means that other people are indirectly in control of you. And nobody gives a damn about you.

Any form of learning that doesn’t require any mental effort results in imitation.

The people with titles, positions, and authority are the only people you should learn from.

Never forget that understanding others is not your responsibility; rather, your goal is to understand and look after yourself.

Always keep in mind that neither you nor them have spent a day in the other person’s shoes before putting yourself or someone else through unnecessary hardship.

Top 10 lessons from the rudest book ever book.

Learning of any kind that requires no mental effort results only in imitation.


“The only people to learn from are those who hold honors, positions, and power. Except for their skills, you know nothing about their lives. Leave it to admiring the fact that they possess those skills.

“Stop attributing aging with wisdom, maturity, and enlightenment. One of the most ridiculous assumptions we make is “He’s old, so he must be wise.”

“Just because someone is older, doesn’t necessarily mean they have life figured out.”

“When a skill is mastered, feeling special is the feeling of moving up in life. Specialness then becomes a collection of skills.

People believe they don’t need to learn anything because they believe they already know everything. This belief is extremely dangerous and results from a frightening lack of self-awareness.

“Focusing—habits that will benefit you in nearly all areas of life.”

You must acknowledge that rejections do occur and are common. Avoid taking it personally and refrain from attempting to interpret the other person’s thoughts. People are people; you never know what goes through their minds.

People with positions of authority, experience, and power are merely examples to be learned from. After watching them and picking up knowledge from them, you should then leave them alone. Find out when to stop.

Action steps from the rudest book ever

“The issue with responding more to positive feelings is that you run the risk of becoming someone who only concentrates on feelings rather than thinking. And the only way to make sure you don’t mess up your life is to think. One who is more thinking-based than feeling-based is considered intelligent.

“Knowledge can be borrowed, but understanding cannot. Realizations are conclusions you come to as a result of your thinking. And once you become aware of something, your perception of it is permanently altered. And until another realization changes it, that perception stays fixed—that is the process of learning and developing.

We should strive to emulate heroic deeds in our daily lives; we should admire, support, and celebrate them. However, we should let them act and behave as people, which is admirable, and spare them from foolish expectations and assumptions about things we don’t have any information about.

We need to adopt a general mindset that rejections are common and inevitable in life. Rejections from people take on the meaning that they are common and should not be taken personally because people are strange. Who knows what’s going on in their heads—it’s not my job to find out.”

“Those who are able to identify their life’s purpose pursue greatness in order to demonstrate to themselves that they are excellent at what they do. Over time, they come to the realization that they don’t require anyone’s approval because doing what they want gives them a purpose, and achieving that purpose makes their lives satisfying.

“Specialness is the recognition you achieve. Your life could change as a result of this thinking, even though it may seem very straightforward to you. Any success implies that you have developed or mastered a skill. This demonstrates that you developed work habits, demonstrated discipline, and prioritized important tasks in addition to learning new information.

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