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It can transform your thinking.

We must leave our analytical mind and its fabricated false self, the ego, behind in order to travel into The Power of Now.


More joy right now!

You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold.

That is how important you are!

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Favorite quote:

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”

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Chapter 1: You Are Not Your Mind

The author has shown us in this chapter that we should use the powers within us because when we do not use our minds, our brains begin to control us.

We constantly look outside of ourselves for happiness, but happiness is actually within us.

The authors tell us that rather than looking outside, we should see the happiness inside of ourselves and rise above our thinking because all we have to do is know and understand them.

Chapter 2: Consciousness: The Way Out of Pain

In this chapter, the author explains to us that we should not think too far ahead.

Because often what we think ahead of doesn’t happen.

We should focus our attention on what we have right now, what we can accomplish today, and how we can be happy right now instead of thinking about something we don’t fully understand yet.

The author also explains to us that we should never be in ego because the ego is the only thing that causes us fear and sorrow.

Only then will you be able to spend every single day joyfully.

Our lives will become very simple and very happy if we let go of our egos.

With ego, we constantly try to disprove others, which causes us trouble and causes trouble for others.

Therefore, we must never be egocentric.

There’s no reason to be afraid right now.

Think positively about what you have right now and take care of yourself.

Avoid thinking about what you lack because doing so will make you fearful.

You can’t even use what you already have, so we should focus on what we do have instead of what we don’t.

Fear is something that prevents progress, so we shouldn’t ever live in it.

As an illustration, you know you will be scared of a horror movie before you watch it, but you still watch it because you are addicted to that thing.

This occurs in our daily lives as well; even though we are aware that something is bothering us, we continue to engage in it because we have developed an addiction to it.

Because of this, we should maintain our composure and consider our options carefully before deciding which course of action to take.

Today, we should be living well and without any fear.

Because everything is hampered by fear.

Fear prevents you from taking action or experiencing happiness.

Create No More Pain in the Present.

Chapter 3: Moving Deeply into the Now.

The author explains how we can be fully present in this chapter.

If you keep doing things like paying attention to your breathing, paying close attention to it as it comes, touching and feeling things,

and observing nature, you’ll notice that everything looks different than it did before.

This is because this time you’ll feel things differently rather than seeing them as before as how their image was formed in your mind.

By remaining in the present, you can enhance your life.

If you spend all of your time wondering why those things happened in the past happened to you, they were not supposed to happen,

Then you will never move forward because you cannot change the past, but you can control the present. and as a result, both your present and your future will be good.

Every day, make an effort to improve.

Chapter 4: Mind Strategies for Avoiding the Now.

In this chapter, the author explains how we can be free from time.

And how can we work more effectively now?

You must always be aware of the fact that your mind will always stop you from doing anything difficult or new things when you try to do it.

Your mind constantly reminds you that you will fail because your brain doesn’t want to put in the effort and also because you must have tried many things in the past and failed at them.

Because of this, you are never able to start something new or attempt something challenging.

You must adopt a slightly different way of thinking and believe that you are capable of completing any task.

Your mind will constantly make excuses for why you shouldn’t do all of these things, and you’ll begin to believe that you can’t actually do them.

However, this is incorrect; you can do everything.

All you need to do is think positively about how you can improve this situation today.

How can you make this thing good and how can you do it without thinking that you did some work in the past and failed in it?

By doing this, you can also battle with your thoughts while observing how much you can alter.

Look in your mind about what’s going on and why.

By doing this, you’ll notice that more than half of the things are such that there is no work in your present nor in the future.

As you want to know others, try to get to know yourself.

You should enjoy knowing yourself as much as you enjoy knowing others.

Chapter 5: The State of Presence

In this chapter, the author explains how we can control our thoughts.

As if you close your eyes now and think about what other thought is going to come to your mind.

This will enable you to manage your thoughts and future thinking.

Observe your thoughts the way a cat waits for a mouse to come out of its hole.

Similar to this, you must pay close attention to and remain alert while watching your thoughts in order to control them.

Chapter 6: The Inner body.

In this chapter, the author describes how we can live in the present by paying attention to our bodies.

As if you start examining each and every part of your body to see if it is functioning properly and feel what it feels like, you will be able to live in the present.

There is so much energy in this that you should look at your hands, feet, and eyes.

You just need to feel that something is different inside of you; you don’t need to think about how much energy is present or absent.

You will sense a certain energy, which will enable you to be joyful and let go of your past problems.

you have to always do this if you feel that some problems are bothering you,

To ensure that you are always in the present, you must always begin by focusing on your body.

Try to connect with your inner body.

Chapter 7: Portals into the Unmanifested

In this chapter, the author explains to us how we can be happy in different ways even if something has caused us problems.

However, if you begin to look at that thing in a different way, you can enjoy it and you will also be able to see the other side of it,

as the author gives the example of a mother who has faced a lot of problems while raising her children, but when she is given by another woman to take care of her six-year-old child,

then she the mother plays with all of the toys and all of the books that she used for her own child.

This causes her to experience a different kind of happiness.

You’ll be able to appreciate everything in a new way and realize that things aren’t as bad as they first appeared when you do that.

The author shows us how to enjoy anything by altering our perspective on it.

If you don’t like something, alter your viewpoint so that you can see how good it is.

Chapter 8: Enlightened Relationships.

In this chapter, the author explains to us how we harm ourselves by passing judgment on others.

For example, if you’re in a relationship, you might blame your partner for your problems when in reality, no one is to blame for any of your problems.

You are the only person who exists; the day you realize this, you will begin improving yourself.

We shouldn’t hold others accountable for our problems.

You may believe that your partner is to blame for all of your problems, but in reality, all your internal issues are come out once you start dating.

And the author also explains to us that if you can’t spend some time by yourself, you can never be happy because when you can’t be by yourself, you constantly think that you’ll find someone or something to make you happy.

As a result, you’re constantly looking for people and using different things, which always makes you unhappy in the end.

The author also explains to us that any addiction begins with pain, such as an alcohol or smoking habit,

and that this habit causes you to experience more pain.

Then You make an effort to get rid of it,

So, try to avoid developing such an addiction because it will cause you more suffering.

Chapter 9: Beyond Happiness and Unhappiness There Is Peace

The author explains in this chapter that we should learn to accept the way things are.

You must learn to find happiness and peace in everything if you want to feel at peace, and you can only do this when you learn to accept things as they are.

You feel at peace and happiness when you realize that there are some things you will never be able to change, no matter how hard you try.

Chapter 10: The Meaning of Surrender

Learn to surrender yourself and your situations.

If anything is going wrong with you, and you do surrender it does not necessarily mean that you don’t know how to work,

Instead, consider that you can’t improve it right now but will try to do so in a different way.

Always think that everything has the right time and when that right time comes, everything will be fine on its own.

With this, you won’t dwell too much on your difficult circumstances, and your condition will eventually get better.

When you give up the things that you can’t handle, you’ll feel so liberated.

By doing this, you maintain your focus on your work even if your situation is not as good as you wanted.

Thank you for your time.

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