The power of now: 1-page free summary (2022)

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“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”

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Everything you do, even the most straightforward action, takes on a sense of quality, care, and love when you live in the moment.

You will continue to have the same experiences if your mind is overburdened with the past. Lack of presence allows the past to continue. Your current state of consciousness determines how the future will turn out.

Do not seek peace. You will create internal conflict and unconscious resistance if you search for any other state than the one you are in right now. Forgive yourself if you can’t at peace. You can only transform your non-peace into peace once you have fully accepted it. Anything that you fully accept will lead you there and into peace. The miracle of submission is this.

Watch any plant or animal and learn to accept what is and give yourself over to the moment.

Soak it up and learn Being.

Let it teach you integrity, which is being one, being authentic, and being real.

Let it teach you how to live, how to die, and how to do neither of those things wrong.

You do not want to let go of negativity once you have identified with it, and you do not want positive change at a deeply unconscious level. It would put your reputation as a depressed, irate, or hard-luck person in jeopardy. Then you’ll dismiss, deny, or ruin the good things in your life. This is a typical occurrence.

It’s also crazy.

Every moment is a death to the past. You do not require it. When it is absolutely necessary to the present, only make reference to it. The strength of this time and the totality of Being are felt. Consider yourself here.

While there may be a million steps in your outer journey, there is only one in your inner journey—the step you are currently taking.

Act after accepting. Accept whatever the present moment has to offer as though you had chosen it. Always cooperate with it instead of fighting it. Make it your ally and friend, not your foe. Your entire life will be transformed miraculously by this.

Pay attention to how you’re feeling. Realize that it is your body’s pain. Recognize that it exists. Avoid giving it any thought; resist the urge to think about it. Don’t analyze or judge. You shouldn’t use it to define who you are. Continue to be in the moment and an observer of your internal processes. Become conscious of “the one who observes,” the silent observer, as well as the emotional pain. The power of the present moment and your own conscious presence is this. then observe the results.

How you respond to life’s challenges as they arise is the best measure of your level of consciousness.

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