Is po*nography affecting your concentration power? Know here the real truth.

Everyone sees po*n in modern times, but no one knows how po*n ruins life,

But what no one knows is that it also weakens our concentration power, so today I will tell you with some real experience how it makes you weak.

And if you are a student then you must know this.

let’s start with some real comments from real experiences,

When I was [using internet po*n]

I had brain fog or a constant hung-over-like feeling, which made it hard for me to concentrate, talk to people, or just do my everyday tasks.

After 7- 10 days without po*n, this feeling went away.

My mind became very clear, thoughts easily controllable, and I became much more relaxed in general.

* I am 34 and went on Adderall for the first time a few months ago. 2 months after quitting po*n,

I really don’t even need it anymore. Some of the benefits I have experienced: I can retain and remember information a lot better.

I remember events in my past life a lot better. I am not irritable and am more focused. I can execute tasks a lot faster.

* Another result: my writing is much better. I don’t mean handwriting (though that got better too).

I mean word choice, sentence structure, etc.

During my first year of graduate school (which I just finished), writing was a real chore. Now, after no-po*n, it’s a pleasure. So easy and free. I have more words at my disposal, probably because my memory has improved in general.

* Memory – I always had a good one, but quitting put it through the roof. I could enter a room of 15 people and learn + recall specifically all their phone numbers in under 5 min.

Marks perfect. Social anxiety and BS negative thinking – > out with the trash.

This comment is best for students. 

* For those of you who are in uni, NoFap is a miracle for the brain. Before, I used to have to force myself to concentrate in class and would still end up ‘zoning out.

Now, I can concentrate on a 3-hour lecture with almost no issues (it’s still improving).

Is po*n also destroying your social life?

Let’s know this also from people’s experiences,

*Now that I look back at my life there has ALWAYS been a connection between po*n consumption, masturbation, and my social anxiety.

Before po*n, I had a lot of friends, and a couple of girlfriends, and I felt like I was on top of the world. There was nothing that could bring me down.

I felt like I had my own way to react to everything that could happen.

Then I got a new computer… After a year or two, I found myself in REALLY deep social anxiety, combined with too much pot and nothing interesting to do with my life.

* I’m not your generic self-diagnosed socially awkward penguin. I’ve been to a psychiatrist, diagnosed with moderate to severe social anxiety, and was put on medication.

I know about the adrenaline rush you get when a stranger gets near you, the almost heart attack you feel when you try to talk during a class or a meeting (as if you ever do),

the long lonely walks you take not to deal with strangers, the unfounded shame when you look another person in the eye, the huge wall you put between strangers.

Sweating, trembling, panic attacks, self-hate, suicidal impulses, I’ve been through it all.

I’ve been attempting to quit for two years now and this is the longest I’ve abstained.

I no longer experience the ‘torture’ I described above.

No, I’m not a new person, not a social butterfly. I’m still myself but I’m free of the shackles we call social phobia.

In these past two years, I’ve made more connections, hit on more women, and made more friends than I did in my first 25 years.

I feel content and comfortable in my skin, and the wall I put between myself and other people has crumbled.

* Social interaction. I was completely afraid of it and incapable of it 50 days ago.

In the past week or so, I have interacted incredibly smoothly and effortlessly with people with whom I would have been unable to interact while using.

I used to be unable to look people in the eyes. I used to purposefully hide from people

I knew in public to avoid awkward conversation.

I wasn’t able to be invested in the conversation. Women, even those I knew personally, would intimidate me.

I would fantasize throughout the day about being able to interact like a normal human… All of this is now changing before my eyes most drastically.

I can interact with confidence; be myself.

I can hold an unbreakable gaze into other people’s eyes. I am actually part of the conversation, as opposed to being aloof and thinking about leaving it.

* New people I meet tell me they like my confidence and they think I’m a good speaker, compliments I would’ve never expected to hear just a few months ago.

* My interactions with females are completely transformed. It seems there is some unconscious recognition that you have more power or something.

It’s hard to explain. Females are complimenting me on my looks and body.

My awareness of social situations is much better. I can read people’s body language better. People cannot intimidate me as before. I feel that their anger just bounces off me, and I stay in a serene state.

You may be thinking that why I have paired social life with concentration,

Because that social life and concentration have a different relationship, you do not become a concentration, it is also because of the social life.

Sometimes it totally depends upon your social life also,

So, chose wisely your social life, because your social life is not good then your concentration power also decreases, avoid po*n as much as you can,

In the end, thank you so much for your time.

And don’t forget to read this article so you can clear your mind. A myth about po*nography.

Source: “your brain on po*n” book

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