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A WOMAN’S Survival Guide to Mastering a Breakup and Taking Back Her Power


You need to know that every woman has the ability to reverse a breakup. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are as long as you play your cards right from the beginning, and knows that you can completely change the outcome.

You’ve probably known at least one friend who went a little crazy after a breakup. Maybe you were that girl.

In this book, you’ll learn why you should stop right now in your tracks if you are in any way trying to convince your ex why he needs you and what you can do to shift the power back in your favor.

Want to know how?

Favorite quote:

“Helen Rowland once said, “A man is like a cat; chase him, and he will run.  Sit still and ignore him and he’ll come purring at your feet.”

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“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together”. ELIZABETH TAYLOR



By controlling your emotions, you can retain your power in the proper place. And you! You may argue that it’s immoral to conceal your emotions and that doing so prevents you from being your true self, but keep in mind that males tend to do just that daily feelings.

It is the difference between men and women. our feelings.

You transfer such sensations by keeping your thoughts from him.

he’s made you feel rejection and insecurity toward him. He genuinely looks at you again when you avoid contact. Guys desire what they cannot have. You need to give him the impression that you are no longer his.


She avoids drama in her life.

She also won’t let a guy mess her up. She has the self-assurance and self-esteem to support her sense of importance and self-worth. She is not with a man because she must; rather, she is because she wants to.

Maybe being overly amiable and accessible is your only flaw. Men also think that women who are overly pleasant and available are absolutely dehydrated in addition to being thirsty for love. Most women don’t even become aware of their behavior until it is too late.


It’s likely that he won’t lose interest in you if you never stop being interested in yourself.

You should consider a man as the cherry on top of a delicious dessert. The dessert is good on its alone, but with all the trimmings it always tastes a little sweeter.


You are under no obligation to express regret for your actions or provide justifications. You were experiencing emotions, which was to be expected. It merely demonstrates your love for him. Being silent will help him gradually forget all of his bad ideas and replace them with good ones.

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

In terms of relationships, the same is true. Don’t you want a man who is capable of handling both happy and terrible times?

When it comes to coming up with ways to solve an issue, the real alpha guy is on the ball.

Come hell or high water, he’ll find a way to get you if he wants you. There is nothing that can or will stop him from obtaining you if he wants you.


He isn’t providing you with a justification that makes you feel at rest or gives you comfort. Don’t reward him simply because he can type words that make up a sentence on a keyboard. If he missed you that much, I think he could get in his car and be next to you in 25 minutes unless this is a long-distance relationship.

Don’t speak to him until he knocks on your door, displays huge gestures, and most importantly, offers you a strategy that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Men don’t realize women don’t play hard to get when they are in love. Often, men mistake this love for neediness when in fact you’re trying to make the relationship work.



Even though the rest of the world is unaware that you are going through a breakup, you are aware of it. Be the exquisite, singular soul that God created you to be. You’ll feel lovely if you look beautiful.

You might think it’s impossible for you to survive these times, and I’m not saying it will be easy, but it is possible.

Even though it doesn’t feel like it now, you’ll soon look back on this period and wonder how much time you wasted being depressed.

And always remember this… love doesn’t hurt.



What the hell just happened? Maybe your constant thought as you move through life like a robot. You may have been the happiest person on earth last week, never doubting the future of your union.

You now feel as if you were struck by an 18-wheeler but avoided breaking any bones.

It could be challenging to speak. Speaking aches so much that it takes effort just to get words out of your mouth.

Unexpected breakups sometimes seem like they are too much to handle.

It could go on for days or even weeks.

To avoid having to face the fact that your life as you knew it is about to change, you’ll want to stay in touch with Mr. Ex. Even if you think it would be the most comforting, this is the last thing you need to do at this point.

That merely makes it take you longer to recover. Go on and confront the sentiments brought on after a breakup.


Most likely, you’ve gone through what went wrong in detail a hundred times in your head. You probably overlooked red flags that were waving in your face like flames of burning fire.

Has he stopped developing long-term plans? Did he periodically vanish for weeks before reappearing? Has he started exercising? Did he start working a lot of hours? Perhaps he treated you coldly when you were in his presence.

These are quite clear indications that he was dealing with someone or something.

You’re now furious not only with him but also with yourself for ignoring those warning signs.

Maybe you ignored them because you believed it was a phase he was going through. It’s perfectly normal to feel anger at this point.


How many breakups did you experience that you considered to be the worst of your life?

Can you now understand that God was preparing the way for someone or something better? Despite how wonderful you thought your boyfriend was at the time, you went on to date someone who was more suitable for you and had superior attributes and character.

Every breakup reveals more about us than we previously knew. You can choose to see this period of your life as a learning opportunity or as something that will permanently impair you.


Have the guts to let go and continue your life.

Realize that a man who loves you will always put you first. It’s that easy.

His behaviors will never raise even the slightest doubt in your mind about his love for you, so you won’t ever have to. Never let a man treat you like anything less than his first priority in life, and learn to spot it when it happens.


A man expects one thing, and one thing alone, when he breaks up with you… You will crumble to pieces. He is anticipating your tears, pleading with him to reconsider, crazy behavior, and embarrassing outbursts.

He’ll be waiting patiently for your late-night call or text while you’re sobbing, imploring, beseeching, and claiming you can’t imagine life without him.


A man needs at least three weeks to recognize you’re not pursuing him specifically. He’s been wondering what the hell you’re doing for the past four weeks.

If he cared about you at all, after five to six weeks he’ll probably be acting like a high school girl wondering where the hell you are and what the hell you’re doing. If he hasn’t been in touch with you after eight weeks, he has most likely moved on, and you should too. Don’t think about him again. Keep it from dominating your thoughts. Go forward and be marvelous.

Email or Text

This is immature, cold, and uncaring. (I can think of a couple more strong words.)

He is a coward, it says, and can’t face you. Even challenging conversations are beyond his abilities. Simply put, he is unconcerned. Thank your lucky stars that this one escaped.

Run as far away from him as you can instead of walking.

The Man Who Disappears

Guys are unable to tolerate crying; it is too much for them.

He is incapable of engaging in difficult conversations. Don’t waste your time hoping for a lame excuse from him because he has none.

Have a second date planned before the sun goes down tonight.

Stop tolerating disrespectful and inappropriate behavior. What happens when you demand more from yourself? You receive more.

I understand that you believe a verbal exchange is necessary for you to get closure, but the fact that a man left you in the dark with no explanation whatsoever says a lot about his character. It implies that he doesn’t.

Choose a better partner who will cherish you, spoil you, and give you the physical and emotional support you need and deserve.

Avoid texting him. Avoid calling him. Ignore him. He should be called Mr. Ex.

The Cheater

Men lie because they are able to. Also, there is an unending supply of women who are more than happy to satisfy them and have no standards or needs.

This type of man is an expert con artist who led you to believe a fabrication (that he was devoted to you, that he loved you) for weeks, months, or perhaps even longer. He allowed the other woman to hold the same belief.

Nine times over Ten times out of ten, a man will cheat with a partner who isn’t even close to the one he had at home.

You know what she’s getting—a man who is unfaithful, a liar, and a cheat—so don’t degrade yourself by competing, and don’t be envious. Knowing that she spends every night next to that helps you sleep peacefully.


You must have no interaction in order to think clearly. When you consider how disrespectfully this man has treated you, those sentiments of love may soon give way to nausea. Leave him alone and don’t turn around.


Oxytocin, a hormone that surges through your veins like a tsunami when you are in a close, sexual relationship with a man, helps you bond. Your emotions are taken over, and you start to depend on that individual. You grow close to him.

That explains why many women go through severe psychosis following a breakup.

because they mistakenly think they’ll never meet another man quite like Mr. Ex while in reality, it’s the oxytocin hormone.

Don’t deceive yourself and believe Mr. Ex is the only one for you. Recognize that any man who has a pulse and a penis may supply it. Hence, you should be very picky about who you have sex with.


You will be able to tell a man values you without a shadow of a doubt because you will feel it in every ounce of your being. His deeds will speak for themselves and you won’t need to hear him express his devotion.

The most crucial question is: Does he care about your heart? A man who loves you wouldn’t ever hurt your emotions.


You know that unsettling feeling you have when something is not quite right?

It’s been described as a divine whisper. Consider it your best buddy and pay attention to it.

It’s like walking on glass not knowing where you stand in a relationship. You’ll be concerned about breaking it forever.

Decide that you will not let a breakup destroy you.


Realistically, nothing lasts forever. Every day, relationships begin and end. And it is true that when one door shuts, another one opens.

To prevent letting emotions take over and making rash decisions, keep your mind and body active.

The fact that a woman admitted she couldn’t live without a man doesn’t make a man take her back. Act as though you are living a full life, but don’t.

Be the charming, courteous, and gorgeous lady he fell in love with.

Sending a reminder is unnecessary, and even if he needs one to call you, do you really want him anyway?

Recognize that nothing really can stop a man from being with the woman he loves.

And a man will want to see you if he loves you.

He’ll be prepared, so you won’t need to remind him to phone or schedule lunch or dinner dates.

The most important thing is to go with grace, dignity, and pride.


After a breakup, some women choose to delete their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. I’m sorry. Are you attempting to convey to Mr. Ex in particular that you are handling your split by hiding from the world? It conveys the idea that you’re depressed, lonesome, and pitiful.

It suggests that you are incapable of handling even a breakup.

And keep in mind that a breakup is just that—a breakup—in the great scheme of things. One chapter is coming to a close before another one starts.

Keep in mind that the world will only know what you make public.

At the end of the day, the ability to maintain composure demonstrates your professionalism.


Since the beginning of time, we have known that men enjoy hunting. Let him go after you. and discover how to relish the quest. How will you ever know he really wants you if you’re the one who contacts him? Make a promise to yourself that even if a man takes your purse and runs off with it, you won’t chase after him.

“If he isn’t phoning, it means that he isn’t thinking about you.

Recognize this and the fact that he’s willing to let you down. Avoid spending time with those who break their promises.

Guys won’t call you if they remember to do it! Have pride and respect in yourself.

He won’t treat you as an alternative if he is interested in you.

On the other side, after a month or two, you might decide that you don’t want to talk to him anymore, and that’s okay too.

You need not worry if you worry that ignoring him may cause him to forget about you.

Really, love grows fonder with absence.

Realistically, Mr. Ex would have gotten in touch with you within a month if the two of you really did have a meaningful connection.

It is extremely fair to conclude that your relationship is finished if Mr. Ex makes no contact within sixty days.

You have what a man wants and don’t ever forget it.


I’ll ask you this now. Do you have self-love? Are you happy with who you are?

You should be in a position where you can say, “I have a terrific life and I’m searching for someone to share my excellent life with and expand on that.” It’s wonderful when you do meet someone who improves or adds value to your life.


Set your own guidelines. Own your thoughts. Don’t let society, other people, or especially any man determine how you should feel about yourself.

You won’t worry about what others may or may not think if you are focused on taking care of yourself.

Remove any poisonous persons from your life as soon as possible.

Every day, tell yourself, “I adore myself.”

I have faith in myself.

I am able to accomplish whatever objective I set.

I shine.

I’m doing fantastic.

I look gorgeous.

It’s going to be a great day today!


Helen Rowland once said, “A man is like a cat; chase him, and he will run. Sit still and ignore him and he’ll come purring at your feet.”

It’s your responsibility to help him recognize what he’s lost because guys frequently don’t appreciate what they have until it’s gone.

He won’t start to question what you’re doing until you stop speaking to him and ignore him.

He becomes re-interested in you, though, when you stop talking and let voicemail take calls because you seem more difficult to approach and distant. And a challenge sets off the alpha male’s attraction system.

They simply can’t turn down a challenge.

They lack it genetically.

Give a little before drawing back. Continue living your life as if nothing happened.

Don’t worry; he will think you are uninterested and leave permanently. Believe in your ability to be worth the effort. If a man loses interest in love that quickly, he wasn’t really worth your time in the first place.


Sarah Jessica Parker once said, “When men attempt bold gestures, generally it’s considered romantic. When women do it, it’s often considered desperate or psycho.” The best approach is to not take an approach at all.

A man will do all of his effort to win back a good lady once he understands that he has lost her.

He is aware that he will have to put in a lot of effort to win your favor again.

Pursuing a man could be successful for a while, but the happiest women realize that confidence comes from understanding that he wants them.


Aim to become the most incredible lady you can be. Say and say it again to yourself. I am. I am. I am.

You want a man who will continuously put you first in everything he does.

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. LUCILLE BALL


The primary purpose of implementing the No Contact rule is to give yourself the necessary time to regulate your emotions and give your head a chance to catch up with your heart. Have you heard the proverb that “time cures all wounds”?

Similar to how yelling and screaming at someone is a sign of insecurity, being unable to control your urges is a symptom of insecurity. Consider the virtue of patience.

Before requesting the love of another person, you must first learn to love yourself.

There’s no one that will ever take care of your needs and look after your best interests as you will.

Top 10 lessons from Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy The Art of No Contact book.

Don’t allow yourself to be mistreated, and if you are dissatisfied in any manner, realize that he is not treating you fairly.

You can’t make wise decisions when your heart is leading your decisions rather than your head.

Working extra hours to be in a man’s life means that he isn’t doing his fair share of the work or pulling his weight. This forces you to exert more effort. And the more diligently you work, the less regard he has for you.

What do you suppose Mr. Ex will say to his friends or family about you over dinner? Are you going to be the crazy girl who won’t leave? Or will he regret losing you instead?

Recall the reasons why he first fell in love with you, and strive to be those reasons.

Do not delude yourself into thinking that sending a useless text message will cause him to suddenly alter his mind.

There are no solutions he can offer that will help you feel better right now, so believe me when I say that. Even while you know that nobody else requires closure, it’s common to crave it. He refuses.

Never let a man treat you like anything less than his first priority in life, and learn to spot it when it happens.

You won’t ever wonder where a man’s heart is if he is in love with you. You can never have any doubts about him. Because of his actions, which demonstrate and demonstrate his love for you every single day rather than because he has told you, you will genuinely feel it.

Do not make the error of giving him the idea that you are thinking about him. Therefore it is acceptable to assume that you are thinking of him if you are talking about him or doing anything for him.

Thank you for your time.

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