How this habit can keep you away from marrying the right person.

All of you will know that there are some bad habits in every human being, but such a habit, makes you go away from a good person,

should get rid of that habit as soon as it is done.

This is such a bad habit that keeps you away from a good person, you will see only and only evil in them.

So today I will tell you what is this habit and how it takes you away,

So let’s start without losing time,

Are you ready to know?

Why should you read this page?

Because in this article you will know about such a habit which you will not even have the idea and will show you the right path and you will know how big your mistake is in it.

So, it’s a habit of watching po*n

Yes, you get it right, this is the habit, now you will be thinking that everyone sees this today, so I had already told you that this is such a habit about which people do not even talk about it and even don’t know about it,

The internet is moving very fast, and more than half of the people are using it incorrectly, they do not know how to use it, they think it is right,

And if you are a man, it is very important for you, that you read it completely,

So let’s talk about why this is more important than just a man,

Research on po*nography has found that watching po*n can cause more harm to men in comparison to women,

Want to know how?

In a 2013 study, researchers at Brigham Young University and the University of Missouri surveyed heteros*xual couples who were married or living together and found that men’s use of po*n was associated with lower s*xual quality for both men and their partners.

Female use of po*n, however, was associated with improved s*xual quality for women (Journal of S*x Research, 2013)

So now you have the proof that po*nography is more dangerous for a man,

And now let’s talk about how it keeps you away from good people, a study shows that when a man starts watching po*n, he starts getting bad in his wife, the girl is seen in po*n looks better for a man,

An increasing number of couples report that po*nography is causing difficulties in their relationships. Research suggests that po*nography use is one of the strongest predictors of poor relationship quality and stability, both for those in dating relationships as well as married couples. 

It’s even been linked to divorce.

And even more, trust starts to break, whoever watches po*n, does not want his partner to know this, and more men do this if they hide secretly, then the rate of loss of trust will also be different. Remains different and ashamed,

And if the secrets are in the partners, it does not take long to break the relationship,

Secrets are the biggest reason for relationship breakdown,

Creates Unrealistic Expectations (source: )

When you watch any movie, you know that the movie has been edited and that the people on screen are actors who have been paid to bring a scripted character to life.

But for some reason, people have difficulty making these same connections when they watch po*n. They forget that real s*x isn’t the same as the perfectly scripted scenes they see on the internet.

This leads them to have unrealistic expectations about s*x and a warped view of what a s*xual partner should look like and be willing to do—expectations that can never be met.

And research also shows that po*n ends up being emotional in the po*n user with its partners.

Frequent po*n use can also cause users to emotionally detach from their partners. Michael Taylor, a marriage and family therapist in Kentucky, agrees, saying

“Po*nography is a poor substitute for the bonding version of s*x.

The vulnerability is removed in po*nography, and that makes it too simplistic to produce the security and bonding that are a significant part of the physical interaction of a couple.”

In the most extreme cases, po*n can separate the user from their partner—both in terms of time and emotions. The resulting emotional detachment from s*x is very dangerous to the viability of the marriage.

The study, a working paper presented this week at the 2016 American Sociological Association’s annual meeting, suggests that men and women who begin to consume po*nography partway through their marriages are more likely to get a divorce than their non–po*n-consuming peers.

Analyzing the data, Perry and his OU colleague Cyrus Schleifer found that people who started watching po*n were more likely to split with their partners during the survey.

For men, the chance of divorce went from 5% to 10%. For women, that number jumped from 6% to 18%.

Like I told you earlier the habits of woman does not have such a negative effect, but when not effects this, I did not tell it, so let me know you when

then if a woman sees po*n in private the way it is a loss for a man same as a woman too.

But if the woman sees together, nothing happens. A study shows that the woman likes to see po*n more with his partners, so they do not change much in women’s behavior,

You can deal with your husband’s addiction, with this idea,

You can also avoid it if you can watch it together, but better to avoid, it is better to start for leaving the point of view, because it also affects the brain, and it works it’s lower your power,

So you can start from here to start watching with your partners, then learn to end it slowly.

You can know here how leaving po*nography can change your life.

I hope you understand,

And thank you so much for your great time.

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