Quick Short summary: You are a badass (2024)

You are a badass Book summary in 3 sentences.

You obviously need to make changes if your current circumstances aren’t all that impressive.

Your life will be richer the more time you spend in the present.

An unnecessary drama that we create is responsible for most of the pain and suffering in our lives.

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The five key takeaways from You are badass.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all continuously drawing energy to ourselves.
To align your frequency with the vibration of the person you wish to tune into, you must elevate it.

Treat yourself with respect, as if you were the most amazing person you have ever encountered.

All you have to do is begin with a single thing that seems right, keep going in the direction of your gut instincts, and observe where they go.

Sending love and positivity to those around you is a great way to draw positive things and emotions into your life.

If you commit to doing anything, follow through on your word. Having a positive connection with time is not difficult to achieve; all you need to do is treat it well.

Top 10 lessons from You are a badass book.

You must genuinely feel that everything you desire is within your reach if you want to improve your vibration. And remaining in touch with Source Energy is the best way to maintain this belief.

It’s not that we can’t find the opportunities and things we seek in life.
The reason for this is that we are still unaware of their existence (or the reality that we can actually have them).

Believing that we’re enormous sucking things or that we’re fantastic is equally as simple.

Just DO something already, rather than wasting hours, days, and years attempting to determine your ideal path of action.

We frequently act as though we don’t know what our calling is, but the truth is that we are afraid to face it because it seems too huge, too difficult, or entirely out of the question for us to take on.

those who have strange feelings, worry that they’re being pushy and bothersome, or perhaps think they don’t deserve to achieve or aren’t capable of succeeding—they won’t do successfully.

Having gratitude enables you to realize that you are the power, not just the one who can create your desires.

Taking care of yourself comes before the person you need to forgive when it comes to forgiveness. It involves prioritizing your need to feel good over your need to be correct.

Feel depressed, but try not to let it become out of control. If something unfavorable occurs in your life, accept it, grow from it, move on, and resume concentrating on the life you are eager to lead.

Make a very clear decision on the kind of life that will bring you true happiness before going for some money.

Action steps from You are a badass book.

No matter what you claim to want, if you have a subconscious belief that it won’t satisfy you or would hurt you, you either A) won’t give it to yourself or B) will give it to yourself but will feel terrible about it. And in any case, you’ll go off and lose it.

Being aware of your limiting subconscious thoughts is the first step towards eradicating them from your life. Why does it appear like you’re not even physically capable of making a lot of money, since until you realize what’s actually going on, you’ll keep using your conscious mind (thinking you need to paint the porch)?
If yes, list the first five items that spring to mind when you consider money. Is there fear and hatred on your list, or is it full of optimism and boldness? What views do your parents have regarding money? What views do the other persons you spent your childhood withhold? What was their financial connection like? Are their financial beliefs and yours similar in any way?

If you spend every Saturday night alone and your favorite joke is that you couldn’t get a date even if you demanded one at gunpoint, maybe you should think of a new one-liner.
Most significantly, being hilarious is so cheap when you regularly make fun of yourself. It is possible for anyone. Thus, challenge yourself to write a fresh screenplay.

When making decisions regarding your life, you should only ever ask yourself:

1. Is this something I want to be, do, or have?
2. Will this lead me where I want to go rather than where I should go?
3. Will this end up screwing over *someone else*?

While blushingly taking a compliment is perfectly OK, if you find yourself constantly looking for validation from others that you’re talented, attractive, intelligent, or worthy enough, you’re in trouble.

Look for a hero, mentor, or other role model. Determine exactly why this person inspires and impresses you, and when you’re presented with an issue that has you unsure of how to respond, ask yourself, “What would my hero do?”

Pay attention to thoughts and chances that show themselves out of the blue, no matter how lost you may feel at the moment. And pay attention to how you’re feeling. Is there anything that, for whatever reason, is worthwhile to look into? What is it that you’ve been saying you’d love to do for ages? Has someone brought up a class, a professor, or a book that you just can’t seem to get rid of? See where it leads you after taking the initial step in the direction of something that seems good. And take action right away.

the explanation of how to meditate, but before I do, I would want to suggest that you start off slowly and work your way up. Start with five to ten minutes of meditation a day and increase the duration as you get less irritable.

You could set an intention or ask for help during your meditation practice if there is something in your life that you are working through or working on. While praying and making goals are ways to send information out to the universe, meditation is a way to receive information from it. You have two options for accomplishing this: A) Begin with a question, such as, “How do I handle my teenage son who gives me pain in the ass?” And when you concentrate, see what replies, if any, appear, or B) Before you offer your question, meditate, open the channel, silence any outside noise, and then ask it in a place of clarity and connection. See what, if anything, responds.

Whatever your current reality may be, it doesn’t matter because where you want to go is the truth—the whole truth and nothing but the truth—and if you focus on it, accept that it exists and has already arrived, and act with conviction, it will manifest.

Just before going to bed each night, reflect on your day and list ten things for which you are thankful in your life, either in writing or in your mind.
Thus, make an effort to remember to perform it throughout the day, or at the very least, build it into your evening schedule.

This is a fun exercise: Count the number of red objects you can currently see in your immediate surroundings. Count them all; it will take you around a minute. Now pause, and try to identify every yellow object in the area around you.
You were probably hunting for red, so you missed the abundance of yellow that was there.

Start focusing on good things only.

Act in the same manner as someone who isn’t depressed.
Wear what they wear, associate with the people they associate with, speak in the same tone,

and act in the same ways as them. Put yourself completely in
 the knowledge that you are capable of achieving your goals.

Let’s assume you find that every time you try to schedule a speaking interaction, you are unexpectedly drawn into Facebook for hours, have to switch off your computer or go somewhere where you can’t go online in order to make calls. You then determine that you must make five phone calls in order to return and see if anyone has left a comment on the photo you uploaded of your cat eating on a potato chip.

Most of the sadness and sorrow that we experience in life is brought on by the pointless drama we produce.

Calculate exactly how much money you need to make your dream into a reality. Research and figure out the costs involved, whether it’s building a dream house, traveling, or upgrading your lifestyle. Break it down by year, month, and even hourly rates to get a clear picture. Then, take proactive steps to manifest that money, whether it’s increasing your income or cutting expenses. Remember, the Universe responds to your energy and action, so be determined and focused on making your dreams come true.

To create wealth, you need to align your energy with the money you want.Imagine three chiropractors. One earns $50,000 a year, another $100,000, and the third $1 million. Is the one making $1 million better at cracking backs? Not necessarily. It’s about their perception of their worth. The one earning $1 million operates at a frequency that reflects their value, so that’s what they charge and receive.

Write down your feelings and beliefs about money. Be honest about any fears, doubts, or judgments you have. Putting it on paper can help you understand your relationship with money better.

Practice making quick decisions on small tasks to strengthen your decision-making muscle. For example:

– Choose a meal from the menu at a restaurant within thirty seconds and stick to your choice.

– Research and purchase a garlic press online within twenty minutes.

– Select items from the shelves at the supermarket in under ten seconds.

These exercises will help you break the habit of indecision and become more decisive.

Thank you for your time.

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