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“If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.”

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Action steps from The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

How will I know when my task is done? ” “If you are still breathing, you are not finished,” was the response.

You can earn more money by learning more…

and you can deposit that at a bank.

Understanding makes up the second aspect of change. Knowing where your “style of thinking” comes from will help you realize that it must be external to you.

Either you manage your finances, or they manage you. You must manage your finances if you want to have control over them.

The Law of Income states that you will be compensated directly in relation to the value you produce for the market.

How do I get both?” This query will alter your course of action. You will go from a model of scarcity and restriction to a world of abundance and possibilities as a result.

You must be willing to give up some of your old ways of thinking and being in order to adopt new ones if you want to progress in life. Eventually, the outcomes will speak for themselves.

Two things are guaranteed if your main priority in life is comfort. First You will never be wealthy. And second, you’ll never be happy. Living a poor lifestyle and constantly reflecting on what may have been being not how you find happiness. Living up to our full potential and being in our natural condition of growth are the sources of happiness.

In the end, receiving compensation based on your performance is the only way to make what you are truly worth. The easiest way to put it is to quote the author’s father: “You’ll never get rich working on a straight income for someone else. Make sure you get paid as a percentage if you accept a job. Otherwise, just do your own thing.

No thought resides rent-free in your head. Every notion you have will involve an expense or an investment. Either way, it will propel you in the direction of success and pleasure. Either way, it will affect your level of power. You must therefore make sensible decisions while selecting your thoughts and beliefs.

Slide your index finger across your neck as a trigger to remind yourself that you are slashing your financial throat each time you notice yourself blaming, justifying, or whining. Again, even if doing this to yourself might sound a little crude, it’s no cruder than what you’re doing to yourself by placing blame, providing an explanation, or complaining, and it will eventually work to break these negative patterns.

Execute a “debrief.” Write down one thing that went well and one thing that didn’t at the conclusion of each day. Then, put your response to the following question in writing: “How did I make each of these circumstances?” Ask yourself, “What was my responsibility in generating each of these situations?” if others were involved. You will be held responsible for your actions and made aware of the methods that are and are not effective for you by completing this exercise.

Explain in a few sentences why accumulating wealth is significant to you. Be descriptive.

What do you consider to be your “natural talents”? List them below.

You’ve always been naturally skilled at these things. Write about how and where you may apply these talents more in your life, particularly at work.

Consider what you do have rather than what you lack. Make a list of the ten things you have to be thankful for and read it out loud. After that, read it every morning for the following 30 days. You won’t obtain more and you won’t need more if you don’t value what you already have.

Join the contest. Think about a circumstance or endeavor you’ve been wanting to begin. Ignore whatever it is you’ve been looking forward to.

Start right away with what you have, wherever you are. If at all possible, start by learning the ropes by working for or with someone else. No more justifications if you’ve already learned. Try it out!

Use the Huna principle of blessing your desired outcome.

Drive around or purchase periodicals to peruse lovely mansions, stunning automobiles, and articles about flourishing enterprises.

Bless anything you find that you enjoy, and bless the owners or others involved.

When you are upset over a “large” issue, exclaim, “Mini-me, mini-me,” while pointing to yourself. After that, exhale deeply and tell yourself, “I can manage this. I am greater than any issue.

Describe a difficulty you are facing in your life in writing. Then, make a list of ten concrete steps you can take to either resolve or at the very least improve this problem. You will transition from issue thinking to solution thinking as a result.

Read a biography of someone who is or was very wealthy and successful at the library, at a bookshop, or online. Some notable examples include Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Mary Kay, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Jack Welch, Bill Gates, and Ted Turner. Take inspiration from their experience, learn specific success tactics from it, and most importantly, adopt their mindset.

Stay away from negative news and stop watching trash TV.

Improve your receiving skills by practicing. Simply say “Thank you” in response to any compliment you receive. Don’t compliment that individual back at the same moment. Instead of “deflecting” the compliment, as most people do, you can now totally accept and own it.

Additionally, it prevents the compliment-giver from experiencing the delight of receiving a gift back in return.

Treat yourself. Do something unique for yourself and your spirit at least once per month. Have someone bring you breakfast in bed, have a massage, a manicure, or a pedicure, treat yourself to a pricey lunch or dinner, or rent a boat or a weekend getaway.

Consider yourself an example for others, demonstrating your capacity for kindness, generosity, love, and wealth.

Concentrate on improving all four aspects of your net worth: your income, your savings, the returns on your investments, and the cost of living through simplifying your lifestyle.

Open a bank account with Financial Freedom. Contribute 10% of your entire income after taxes to this account. Never use this money; only invest it to generate passive income for your retirement.

Switch your attention from “active” to “passive” revenue. List at least three particular business or investment options that would allow you to generate income without working. Start your research, then put these strategies into practice.

Don’t put off purchasing real estate. Purchase property and wait.

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