Apply these 5 secret techniques to improve your mindset. Easy steps.

Do you feel that you are not understanding anything, do you think that you have stuck somewhere, are you troubled by your thinking, want to feel good, want to feel free?

Want clarity in life, then this post is just for you. Go ahead!

Today I am going to tell you 5 such things about mindset, after reading this your way of thinking will change, and you are going to thank yourself.

1 Be creative

Each thing that you do in life you have to kind of create that that feeling in the gut like oh I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to pull it off,

the secret really to succeed in life I have to say is retaining III by the semester is retaining your childlike qualities, if you’re completely a child that’s not gonna work negative capability is rule number one for being a creative person and if you don’t follow anything else in mastery that would be enough

the ability to keep two ideas that contradict each other in your mind without feeling uncomfortable without having to come to a conclusion you can think about something without rushing to judgment a conclusion

you can be in the moment you can say well it could be this, it could be that and you don’t have to decide whether it’s a B or C, you’re open to adopting three or four different viewpoints.

2 Do what you love

if you love music, don’t quit your job and play guitar like you think you can have a hard time feeding your family but you have advice for them,

you know you’ve got to do hard work and to do hard work you have to have a road map somebody has to show you step to get there working for yourself,

starting your own company doing what you love should be everybody’s goal, this process begins by first knowing what you really love, you got to go through that process first of figuring out what it is that really connects to you in a deeply visceral way,

what did you love when you were a kid what still excites you, once you go through that and you understand it you’ve got some clarity about it.

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3 Pain is not always bad

Pain is great you’ve got to embrace pain, pain is a pleasure you’ve got to make the connection between the physical and the mental, you know that when you’re exercising when you’re running or you’re working out whatever it hurts,

but it leads to something pleasurable, you have to be able to translate that to mental things and if you make that switch in your mind it is mind-blowing.

4 Don’t destroy your life by other people’s opinion

The problem in life is as you get older you can become more and more like other people, you spend a lot of your time thinking about what other people like,

you’re not aware of what you like, you go into careers because you listen to other people, if you look at all of the brilliant people who’ve succeeded in life if you look at Steve Jobs you look at Elon Musk, etc,

there’s nobody else out there like them, you’re never gonna be able to pinpoint one other person like them, they are completely unique, and doubt those are the people that end up having power in the world,

so, if you’re gonna able to create that website that blog that whatever it is that startup that is different that has its own niche and reflects you something good will happen,

control people’s perceptions of reality and controlling them it’s a great military strategy, which means orientation observation decision action.

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5 Be observer

You have to observe what is happening, and orient yourself into the context, it decides what you need to do and act, we want to believe that there are shortcuts to success, we want to believe we can take a drug or we can do something that’ll make it quick and easy,

but the truth is it takes grit it takes persistence so it’s hard to understand what could happen to you in ten years, failure in life is not, not having money,

it’s not realizing your potential, you’re 60 years old and you said I could have been this and I never did it that’s like the worst thought, and you don’t think about it at the moment

because your life is okay but you’ve got to wake up and understand that there’s an urgency here and that if you’re not practicing something now,

if you’re not aware if you don’t have a path towards something better, you’re rotting on the vine and that day of reckoning will come at some point and it will be painful,

you’re not gonna feel that suddenly it’ll be slow but it’ll come and it won’t be good just being aware

that you now have a plan is enough to lift you out of that depression,

having a goal is like something that will change you completely from being depressed or not taking care of yourself to being energized and moving in the right direction.

Hope you like it,

Be positive,

Things will be fine.

Keep moving.

Thank you!

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