August 25, 2022 journal.

gold pen on journal book

Today schedule: Wakeup 4 am4 to 6 read book (atomic habits) 6 to 8 (blog)8 to 9 youtube9 to 10 (blog editing) 10 to 11 (youtube) 11 to 4 sleep4 to 5 post blog5 to 6 walk6 to 8 (mindmap editing)8 to 10 (short edit) The best thing I accomplished: Today I read the book … Read more

August 24, 2022 journal.

white notebook and pen

I’ve finished all the tasks I wanted to get done today as of 10:50. Today schedule: Wakeup 3 am3 to 3 40 editing YouTube title3 40 to 5 30 read book5 30 to 6 rest6 to 8 movies ( Cruella)8 to 10 blog writing11 to 4 sleep4 to 5 post blog5 to 6 walk6 to … Read more

August 23, 2022

closeup photo of journal book and pencils

Aug 23I’ve been writing a blog every day for almost six days now.And starting today, I’d like to develop yet another habit: I’ll write a journal entry every day and publish it online. I made an effort today to write out the entire day’s schedule. It’s 10:17 pm, and each night while I’m trying to … Read more