1-page free summary: Think and grow rich(2023)

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The time will never be “just right.” Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.

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The path to success is the path of constant learning.

Pleasure comes from doing, not just having.

A man who is well-educated does not necessarily possess a wealth of general or specialized knowledge. A man who has improved his mental faculties to the point that he may legally obtain anything he wants or its equivalent is said to be educated.

Every obstacle, setback, and heartache carries the potential for an even bigger gain.

The cheapest goods on earth are opinions. Everyone is ready to bestow their opinions on anyone who will accept them. You won’t be successful in any endeavor if you let “opinions” affect your decisions.

I will put an end to my anger, envy, jealousy, self-centeredness, and cynicism by growing in my love for all people since I understand that having a bad attitude toward others will never help me succeed. Since I will believe in them and in myself, I will make other people believe in me.

By deciding not to care what other people think, do, or say, you can put your foot on the neck of the fear of criticism.

A person who has sincerely loved cannot ever completely lose. Love is irrational and fickle. Its nature is transient and ephemeral. It appears when it pleases and vanishes suddenly. Embrace it, enjoy it while it lasts, and don’t worry about it going away. The concern will never make it appear again.

If you don’t defeat yourself, you will be defeated by yourself.

LET THE WORLD KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, BUT DO IT FIRST. The phrase “actions, not words, count most” would be equivalent to this.

And keep in mind that everyone who succeeds in life through horrible hardships before they “arrive” and has a difficult beginning. The catastrophe that serves as the turning point in the lives of successful people often allows them to discover their “other selves.”

Some people spend their entire life doing the same thing because they fail to widen their perspective.

Keep in mind that the attorney who best prepares his case will win, not the one with the most legal knowledge.

You are a “quitter” if you give up before achieving your objective. A winner never gives up, and a loser never wins. Take this phrase out, write it in letters an inch high on a piece of paper, and post it where you will see it every evening before you go to bed and every morning before you leave for work.

Every man is who he is as a result of the dominant thoughts he allows to dominate his head.

Perseverance cannot be replaced. The individual who adopts persistence as his mantra realizes that “Old Man Failure” eventually gets weary and departs. Persistence cannot overcome failure.

The main cause of both success and failure is habit.

Never will the moment be “exactly right.” Better tools will be discovered as you proceed, so start from where you are and work with the tools you have available.

Understanding is a strength. It is not at all like that! Only potential power exists in knowledge. Only when and if it is organized into clear action plans and directed toward a clear goal does it acquire strength.

You can be sure that nothing will be under your control if you are unable to control your own thoughts.

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