1-Page Free summary: Thinking fast and slow (2023)

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“Nothing in life is as important as you think it is, while you are thinking about it”

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The universe is significantly less logical than you might imagine. The coherence is largely a product of how your mind functions.

Managing your time is the simplest approach to improving happiness. Can you make extra time for the activities you like to do?

Finding surprises in your own conduct is more likely to teach you something than learning shocking facts about the human race as a whole.

Not whether you have learned a new fact, but if your understanding of the events you meet has changed is the true test of psychological learning.

The development of abilities demands a consistent environment, enough practice time, and quick, clear feedback regarding the accuracy of ideas and actions.

We are statistically penalized for being nice and rewarded for being nasty because we have a tendency to be nice to others when they please us and harsh to them when they don’t.

We have a tendency to place blame on those who make decisions when they turn out well while undervaluing them when they make decisions that turn out well but are not immediately apparent.

We ignore other people’s plans and abilities in favor of what we want to do and what we are capable of. We emphasize the causal role of skill and ignore the role of luck in both explaining the past and forecasting the future. As a result, we are vulnerable to the illusion of control. We overconfidently hold onto our beliefs because we ignore what we don’t know and concentrate only on what we do know.

People are very likely to accept arguments that seem to support a conclusion even when they are false when they think it to be true.

Keep in mind that when there are no reliable regularities in the surroundings, intuition cannot rely on.

You can multitask, but only if the tasks are simple and easy to complete.

Your beliefs should be restricted by probability logic in order to be useful.

We are often too quick to discount the idea that a lot of what we observe in life is purely accidental.

When the next problem arises, you will be less motivated or able to exercise self-control if you had to force yourself to do anything. Ego depletion is the term for the phenomenon.

The most difficult types of slow thinking are those that need you to think quickly.

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