1-page free summary of habits of a happy brain. (2022)

Favorite quote:

“You can increase your pleasure if you’re willing to do things that don’t feel good at first.”

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When something is good for you, move toward it, and if something is bad for you, stay away from it,

You won’t experience the same level of pleasure you had at first, so you’ll need to find another way to satisfy your needs.

Create a daily schedule that you may follow to discover happiness.

Create a new habit that makes you joyful each day.

Try new things; your mind is naturally drawn to them, so constantly remind yourself that you are learning and doing something new.

Make a list of renovation initiatives that might be beneficial to you in each of the following categories:

Express pride in what I’ve done

Enjoy my social position in each moment

Notice my influence

Make peace with something I can’t control

Giving yourself the go-ahead to enjoy yourself can actually benefit other people.

It can trigger their mirror neurons and spark their happiness.


When anything goes wrong, consider whether being unhappy may have prevented it.

Make a list of the equipment that will make your new happy habit more convenient.

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