3 september, 2022 Daily Journal.

I didn’t keep a journal yesterday, and I’ve noticed that every three days I go without writing for two days with a ready-made justification, such as tomorrow’s being that I slept all day.

Currently, I am not even doing the necessary tasks, such as reading the book and writing a blog post. It has been 3–4 days since I last posted a blog, but whatever happens, I will read the book for 10 minutes before going to bed.
I’m currently trying to learn more about SEO in general.

The best thing that happened today was that I was able to finish a 1 para(holy Quran) that was impossible to finish without the fasting month (Ramadan).

I’m very happy about this, and it’s all thanks to the atomic habits book what is says.

If you do something every day, it becomes second nature and you can guess that it works.

However, I have to try harder and concentrate more to be able to apply it to every circumstance and aspect of my life.

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