1 september, 2022 daily journal.

Now that it’s 11:30, I’m going to bed a little later. I didn’t write the journal yesterday because I went to sleep at 10:30, but I still should have.

And yesterday I spent the entire day watching dramas, but after completing one task, I read the book but was unable to publish the blog because only half of the edit had been completed.

Today the edit was finished and the blog was published. But even today, there is no work; all that is done is to observe throughout the day how well blogs perform.

And going forward, I believe I won’t post every day because today I watched a Neil Patel video in which he discussed the importance of marketing. He said that it is better to write one or two times a week rather than every day but to focus on marketing by using social media to post.

I write every day but I don’t pay attention to anything else which I will give from now on, but yes, I thought I would blog post every day which I can’t do, so instead, I’ll try to implement

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