27 August 2022 journal.

I had intended to keep up my routine, but I forgot about one habit: I slept all day yesterday and didn’t even keep a journal.
It was a good thing that I had read the book yesterday, but I then went to sleep and nothing noteworthy occurred. I didn’t write a blog post yesterday, and I didn’t read a book today.

However, I’ll try not to break the habit; although yesterday my condition was very bad, I still believed that I had to read a book no matter what.

I considered doing one task because I felt like my two daily tasks—writing a blog post and reading another book—were essential.

Due to this, I read the book yesterday and wrote two posts today to fill the void left by the blog post that I neglected to write yesterday. Unfortunately, I did not read the book, and now it is 12:37 am, even though I try to go to bed before 12 every day.

I’m running late today, but I’ll try to rise early tomorrow.

It’s good that I wrote two blog posts today.
What went wrong today was that I didn’t read anything, but I did listen to podcasts a little bit better.

but I won’t try to break my habit, so I’ll try to read every day going forward.

Thanks for your great time.

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