1-page free summary of Give and take.

Favorite quote: “You can’t just ignore someone because you don’t think they’re important enough.”

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Help others create their jobs—or create your own with more giving—by assisting others. People frequently find themselves working on projects that aren’t exactly suited to their interests and abilities.

Helping others complete tasks that are more engaging, significant, or developmentally beneficial is a potent way to give.

Learn ineffective communication, but develop advocacy skills. It takes a shift in habits—from talking to listening, self-promotion to advice-seeking, and advocating to inquiring—to become more at ease and skilled with powerless communication.

Join a Giving Community.

Frequently seek assistance. Asking is one of the simplest ways to get other people to give. Not always is it a burden to ask for assistance.

By requesting assistance, you give those who are naturally generous the chance to demonstrate their values and feel appreciated.

Give freely and selflessly, but also frequently ask for what you need.

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