1-page free summary of the courage to be disliked.

Favorite quote: “You are the only one who can change yourself.”

“Your past or environment cannot be held responsible for your unhappiness. Furthermore, you don’t lack competence. You simply lack bravery. You lack the courage to be happy, one could say.

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We are unable to change objective facts. However, one can change subjective interpretations however they please. Additionally, we live in a subjective world.

“No experience is a cause of our success or failure in and of itself. Instead of feeling the shock of our experiences, or so-called trauma, we make whatever we need out of them. Our experiences do not define who we are; however, the meaning we assign to them does.

“If one truly believes in themselves, they don’t feel the need to brag. One boasts because they have a strong sense of inferiority.

What has happened in your life thus far shouldn’t affect how you live going forward; you, who are living in the present, are the one who makes your own decisions.

Your life is something you choose, not something that someone else gives you. You are the one who decides how you live.

“One will never be able to fully commit to one’s own way of living unless one is unconcerned by other people’s opinions, has no fear of being despised by others, and pays the price that one might never be recognized. In other words, it will be impossible to be free.

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