August 23, 2022

Aug 23
I’ve been writing a blog every day for almost six days now.
And starting today, I’d like to develop yet another habit: I’ll write a journal entry every day and publish it online.

I made an effort today to write out the entire day’s schedule. It’s 10:17 pm, and each night while I’m trying to sleep, I’ll try to write about my entire day.

The best thing I accomplished today was scheduling videos for YouTube shorts.

The worst part is that I didn’t read the book today.

Today schedule:

wakeup 5 am

5 to 8 research

8 to 8:30 fresh

8:30 to 9:8 complete writing blog

9:8 to 9:30 insta

9:30 to 10 youtube

1 to 4 sleep afternoon

4 to 5:22 done with blog posting

5:22 to 6 walk

6 to 7 youtube

7 to 9 youtube shorts schedule

9 to 10 call.


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